5 Reasons We Love Instagram On It’s 5th Birthday!

By October 6, 2015 Stories

Happy 5th Birthday Instagram!

Who would have thought Instagram has been around for 5 whole years? Through a minefield of social media platforms, Instagram feels like it’s been there forever!

At KC Communications we have picked out our top 5 reasons why we love Instagram.


From food, fashion and fabulous interior design, Instagram provides us with our daily inspiration. We are big foodies at KC Communications and regularly enjoy traipsing through Instagram’s never ending photo reel. We’re talking beautifully presented meals, not someone’s half eaten salad!


Photos are a great way to show off your personality and can be an insightful way to look at how people like to portray themselves or their brand.


You can connect with just about anyone on Instagram and find the same photo-minded people as you! Hashtags are also a great way to fine-tune content you want to find. (Quite a handy tool for us marketers!)


Instagram gives all us amateur photographers the chance to create our own portfolio of images using the range of filters. Our own photo memoirs are a great way of keeping a track of what we’ve been up to. They’re like our very own digital photo albums!


We love the new addition of the short snappy videos to Instagram. As a lot of other people, we thought they would be a pain, but we actually quite like them. As marketers, we are always on the lookout for new additions to social media platforms, and we are particularly looking forward to the day they add a ‘Shop Now’ button. We’re not shopaholics… we promise!