6 Learnings In 6 Months – Lana Eardley

By May 14, 2020 July 28th, 2020 Stories

It’s hard to believe that I have been with KC for 6 whole months. A lot has changed for me personally! I have made the move from Admin & Finance Assistant to Operations Manager as well as completing my degree! Here are 6 things I have learnt along the way!

1.) You’re not always going to be perfect

Throughout my whole life, I have had a perfectionist complex. I wanted to be the best at everything, something that used to frustrate me highly in my high school art class (I was and still am a terrible artist). Working with such a supportive and collaborative team has made me realise that leaning on others and asking for help is more than okay. Use other people’s strengths where you may not be as strong in areas!

2.) Balance is a necessity

The past six months have been incredibly challenging for me due to having to juggle developing my job role and also finishing my degree, as well as attempting to have some form of a social life! In order to ensure appropriate time was allocated to each task I had to complete, I use my productivity planner and plot out my days and weeks. This helps to visualise how much I have to do and is something I will continue to do even after my degree is finished.

3.) You can never learn too much 

At KC, we are given the opportunity to develop ourselves both personally and professionally. I value this time to learn, I truly think that you can never know too much! It is definitely a benefit to working with individuals who value self-development so highly and ensure this is taken up!

4.) Be proud!

Social media is a great tool to be able to share our wins and build a personal brand. When my colleagues and I share our achievements on social media, we all support each other. Not only is it great for our clients to see the results the team achieves, but raising personal profiles is a priority for us at KC.

5.) Teamwork makes the dream work

Especially important within the current climate, it is crucial to work as a team. Not only that but BE a team in all aspects, have each other’s back and ensure regular check-ins! Team socials are important to us at KC, and while at present they are having to be remote, that isn’t stopping us from growing stronger together!

6.) You can do this

Believe in yourself and you can really achieve anything. It is the old cliché but if you work hard, then you reap the benefits! I consider myself to be very lucky to be in a management position straight out of university, but that was helped by identifying development opportunities within the company for myself and speaking up!


It’s safe to say that I plan to be with KC for the next 6 months and beyond and I can’t wait to see what I learn going forward!