6 Learnings In 6 Months – Hollie Thornton

By May 7, 2020 July 28th, 2020 Stories

I can’t believe that I have been at KC Communications for six whole months! In that time, I have passed three exams, completed multiple Google courses and gained a promotion!

In my role as an account executive, my day to day tasks are quite varied to support the needs of the team as well as taking the lead on some client activity, this includes running social media accounts, creating graphics, writing press releases and blogs.

It’s certainly been an interesting six months, so here are the six things that I have learnt during my time so far at KC.

  1. Communication

You need clear communication in the workplace! Whether that is having a face to face conversation, emails or assigning work to someone. Without doing this correctly, it can affect your work, the morale within the team and productivity.

  1. Ask questions!

Asking questions is something that I have worked on throughout my time at KC. Being my first professional role, this certainly wasn’t my strongest point at the beginning, and I was worried about asking silly questions. Multiple people informed me that no question is a stupid question! If you’re unsure on something, then ask, once I had drilled this into my head, I was comfortable with asking the ‘silly little questions’ which do make all the difference and save you time.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself

I found one thing when starting a new job, is that I always challenged myself. Whether it’s the work I produced or the ideas I thought of, no idea is a bad idea, and it’s important to remember that. It’s something I wish I had told myself from the first week. Being relatively new to the marketing scene, I wasn’t sure if my ideas would be even worth contributing. Still, even if the idea isn’t 100% beneficial to the cause, then it can always be evolved.

  1. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything

Saying no if your workload is getting too big or if you need to push a deadline on a day or two is something, I felt uncomfortable with at first as I felt that I was letting my colleagues down. I eventually learnt that even though I am more than happy to help colleagues out, I needed to be mindful of my existing workload and deadlines and push them back where necessary. This prevented me from being stressed and avoided the disappointment of my colleagues if I took on work but couldn’t deliver.

  1. Catch up calls

With working remotely asking random questions just isn’t the same. Although we are now using Google hangouts and other platforms to communicate, I sometimes forget that I can just press a button and give someone a call for a five-minute chat whether it’s for something important or I need a break from typing for a little.

  1. Drafts are essential

This is one thing that I learnt on a CIPR writing course. I thought that the first draft to a piece of writing needed to be immaculate with absolutely no amends required. This is most definitely NOT the case. I got taught that a draft is essentially a ‘brain dump’ then you start tidying and smartening up the edges.

So, that’s my first six months in a nutshell. I look forward to what the next six months at KC will bring and many more months after but if you have any recommendations tweet me @hollie0thornton.

Keep an eye out for our operations manager’s blog on the six things she’s learnt in her first six months.