A day in the life of Laura Batchelor – Client Services Director

By July 4, 2019 October 7th, 2020 KC News

Laura lives in Huddersfield with her husband, two sons, Joshua and Jackson and two cats. Laura has spent the past two years with KC Communications developing and implementing client marketing and PR strategies.

It’s Monday morning and after a hectic weekend with the kids, I am almost excited to go to work! The alarm goes off at 6;45, but I never manage to stay in bed until that time. My husband leaves for work at 6am most mornings and my 3-year-old doesn’t know what a lie in is! So, after getting ready, sorting breakfast for the kids and putting the slow cooker on to make sure tonight isn’t too rushed, I pack everyone into the car to do the school and nursery run.

Once the kids have been dropped off, I enjoy my five-minute commute to work and arrive fresh and ready to go! Most Monday mornings start off with a review of my inbox and workload for the week. We have an Account Manager planning meeting first thing so we can review diaries, plan out team capacity and highlight any hot spots over the next few weeks. We also use this opportunity to share any key learnings from projects we are working on. We’ve had a lot of students on placement in recently, so we use this time to make a plan for the next one to ensure we plan out a variety of tasks for them to experience during their week with us.

In my new role as Client Services Director, I work alongside the MD to develop the business strategy which includes having the responsibility to support all members of the team with their professional and personal development. It is important for me to have regular 121 catch ups with each member of the team to make sure they are feeling well supported and are on track with their objectives.

Mid-morning, I head out to a client meeting with one of our long-standing clients, Sheards Accountants. We meet regularly to review our marketing strategy and plan for the next few months. At KC Communications, our main goal is to help businesses achieve their objectives through targeted and effective public relations and marketing campaigns. We look after all aspects of Sheards’ marketing, from their PR and social media, down to supporting with events and website content. It’s exciting to work with such a forward-thinking firm, who continue to see year-on-year growth. I also look after the marketing requirements of their sister company, Sheards Wealth Management, so while I am there I pop my head in to check in with them.

Back to the office for a quick lunch and catch up with the team. While I have been out, we have had two new business enquiries booked in the diary to meet with later this week.

We are currently working on a tender for an exciting opportunity, so have a team catch-up in the afternoon to get everyone’s heads together to come up with some ideas and a strategy for putting it together. We all come away with key actions and agree timings to get our role done.

With only a few hours left of the day, it’s now time to get knuckled down and get some day-to-day work done. I have an e-mail campaign to finish drafting for a Poppleton & Appleby, a Licensed Insolvency Practitioners located in both Huddersfield and Manchester. We take an integrated approach and harness the power of the full marketing mix, so once the e-mail draft has been sent to them to review, I do some research into some new sectors they want to target and make a start on a much-anticipated press release for them.

My working day ends at 5:30pm and it is a short drive to pick the boys up from nursery and after school club. The next few hours are often a mad rush, trying to finish off tea, get the kids fed, do a bit of homework, bathed and ready for bed. They are still at the age where they battle bedtime, so this can often be a long drawn out process. Once the battle is over and they are asleep, I have that all important hour or two of peace and quiet, and usually catch up on e-mails, social media and watch an hour of TV with my husband before we get an early night, ready for the next early wake-up! Luckily, I work part-time and tomorrow is one of my days off, so I can clean the house, get to the gym, ride my horse and get to pick the kids up from school and spend some quality time with them. I’ll then be ready to tackle my work to-do list again on Wednesday!