A not-so Blue Monday here at KC!

By January 20, 2020 Stories

Today, also known as Blue Monday, marks the ‘most depressing’ day in the calendar year. It’s the culmination of dark nights, bills rolling in from Christmas, post-Christmas weight gain and January payday often feeling like an eternity to arrive.

It’s therefore essential that in the eyes of workplace wellbeing, to check in with colleagues and ensure all is well. While we can’t wave a magic wand to fix the challenges of life, we can support our workforce in many ways to minimise the impact.

At KC Communications, one of our most prevalent workplace benefits is the provision of Vitality private health insurance. Vitality doesn’t just offer health insurance but provides several perks for keeping active and checking in on our mental health.  Just 12 points a week equates to a free Starbucks, which is very easily achieved (three days of 10,000 steps gets you 15 points). Not only this but achieve 12 points 2 weeks in a row and get awarded a free cinema ticket. This also helps to save those much-needed pennies through January with a free treat, so it’s a win-win. When we relocate back to the Heritage in a few months, the on-site gym will provide further opportunities to gain extra points. And you know what points make!

We also provide the opportunity to work flexibly, allowing colleagues the chance to hit the gym first thing in the morning or take their children to school without having to worry about being in at 9 am on the dot. We also provide a generous holiday allowance (25 days plus bank holidays as standard) which means there is ample time for colleagues to take a ‘me day’ now and again, or minimise the cost of childcare during school holidays.

We also offer plenty of opportunities to network and attend relevant events. We also heavily invest in a business coach who provides both team and 121 training and development, with each member of staff having access to a monthly coaching call along with giving each member of staff a training fund to use on their professional development.

Within the team, we have a great mixture of strengths and personalities and on induction into KC each staff member completes both a Personality Profile and a CliftonStrengths questionnaire to tell us exactly what makes each person unique within the team. Using this information, we can see how each person can complement each other’s role and help them to develop further.

Recently we won the British Chambers of Commerce Workplace Wellbeing Award for the Yorkshire & Humber region, showcasing that for a ‘small business’ we’re punching about our weight when it comes to workplace wellbeing.

Oh, a final point, we always pay salaries on the 20th of every month, so no holding out for an extra week to get paid here!

To find out a little bit more about what we are doing for wellbeing within the workplace, find an additional article here: https://www.kccomms.co.uk/helping-employees-navigate-wellbeing-in-their-daily-lives/. We’d love to hear any ideas or how you are managing the upkeep of workplace wellbeing or what incentives you’d like to see your employers offer!