A week at KC by Grace Reiter

By August 6, 2021 Stories

Grace-ReiterWith my mum working in the marketing industry for around 20 years, I was highly intrigued when she suggested summer work experience at KC Communications. 

It has been interesting to learn more about the industry and understand what her profession entails, as well as gaining valuable experience for the future.

Despite my family having an interest in marketing, I was unfamiliar and inexperienced in the subject, so I didn’t really know what to expect at first. However, as soon as I stepped into the office, I was greeted with a warm welcome that immediately made me feel comfortable.

Throughout the week, I completed a range of different activities, including a mock interview to ensure I was prepared for when applying for future jobs. Despite interviews being slightly nerve-wracking, I found it very useful as I received positive and constructive feedback and the team even helped me create an eye-catching CV.

To understand more about my strengths and the way I work, I was shown some quizzes, including 16personalities and a quiz to find out my learning style. I found out that I am a visual learner and that I share the same personality type as billionaire Elon Musk, boss lady Michelle Obama and The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! 

After completing training courses online to strengthen my understanding of the types of software used to enhance a company’s digital presence online, I was able to get involved with some client projects, including research for an upcoming PR campaign and scheduling of social media.

Being able to work in an office environment and get stuck in, as well as gain certifications in relevant industry courses such as Google Analytics, I have learnt more than just the basics of PR and marketing. 

I found it extremely insightful how it is important to provide bespoke strategies using research, data and statistics in marketing. I found it extremely interesting how every piece of content carefully catered to specific groups of people, whether a social media post or blog content. 

I love that the KC team continue to work on their personal development presenting workshops to one another to develop and support each other’s skills. In my week at KC I took part in a newsjacking and UTM tracking workshop as well as watching external webinars on PR and marketing topics.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the KC office; the tasks I was given have helped me begin to understand aspects of myself that I can use towards my next steps whether that is University or an apprenticeship as well as extremely useful life skills.

As I hope to work with people in the future, I can apply my newly found abilities as communication with clients is critical in marketing and PR and my work experience here will provide employers proof of my practice and learning.

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