Apprenticeships: The key to skills shortage & business growth

By March 9, 2015 April 9th, 2015 Stories

At KC Communications we are extremely passionate about the apprenticeship scheme and whole-heartedly support National Apprenticeship Week.

I left school at 15 (I’m an August child) with 10 GCSEs in B and C grades. Pretty decent! College was an option and potentially university but at 15 they just didn’t appeal to me.

Unfortunately the schools careers service didn’t inspire me, but I did my research and discovered apprenticeships. I was accepted on to a Business Administration and went to work straight away. I spent the summer holidays working on reception at the training centre I was enrolled with before my first proper role.

Fast forward a fair few years later and I have worked both in agency and client side roles across a variety of industries. I’ve travelled the world as part of managing exhibitions and conference events.

I somehow also managed to find the time to complete a CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications and am studying for a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing. Continued professional development is extremely important to me. As an industry, marketing is forever changing so you need to be three steps ahead!

I now also own and manage KC Communications, a small but rapidly growing marketing consultancy with a variety of different clients relying on me to manage their marketing activity across a variety of different channels.

Within 4 months our growth was such that I needed an extra pair of hands to support me across a variety of requirements but ultimately within the Digital Marketing area. Not only wasn’t I ready to part with a huge chunk of my revenue to pay someone with experience in the sector but, ultimately I wanted to give another young person the opportunity I had – but make the experience better.

In November 2014 I appointed Johanna Green. Johanna will over the next year be completing a Digital Marketing & Social Media apprenticeship and the skills and knowledge gained will play a pivotal role in her professional development but also the growth of KC Communications.

In the time since she was appointed, Johanna has supported myself and our clients with market research, social media marketing, analytical insights, event support, direct mail campaigns and we’re now at the stage of training on updating content management systems.

No two days are the same and there is a wealth of opportunity to learn meaning that the environment is perfect for an apprentice.

As the company grows future apprentices will be considered but right now we’re very much enjoying the journey we are both undertaking.