Black Friday Social Campaigns: The Best & Worst

By November 24, 2017 Stories

We all remember 2013 as the year Black Friday sent the bargain hunters of the UK crazy, with brawls over discounted TV’s and pile-ups outside shop doors even making the news!

However, the novelty has seemed to wear off as the years have gone by. Retailers are offering week-long discounts, stores discounts can all be purchased online, resulting in underwhelming queues in the once busy high streets.

With this in mind, brands have been upping the ante in their online, Black Friday campaigns and we decided to round up some stand out campaigns, some for the wrong reasons.



McdonaldsMcdonalds “mistake” Tweet

So… there’s discussion in the KC Comms office around whether this was a clever marketing campaign or an honest mistake from a sleepy staff member. Either way, it has generated over 15K likes and 7.7K retweets.

*UPDATE* The fast food chain took 9 hours to respond, claiming it really was a faux pas, if only they’d had their McCafe









Nasa #BlackHoleFriday

Ok, you could say this is an example of Nasa jumping on the bandwagon, but I like it. The Space Association is inviting their followers to head over to their tumblr site and soak up some knowledge on black holes! Saves your money and you get to see some pretty awesome images of space. It’s a win win situation, right?







O2’s Underwhelming Enthusiasm

You would have thought with 344K followers and a large marketing department, the UK’s leading phone store would have conjured up something a little more magical than this. With no use of hashtags, no “exclusive” offer and nothing remotely  engaging, it’s no surprise their post has only got 4 retweets.









KC Comms

KC Comms 50% off Workshops

You didn’t think we were going to leave our exclusive Black Friday deal off did you? After the launch and success of the KC Training academy workshops we have not only set dates until April 2018, but also increased the topics on offer. Head to our Black Friday page to find out how you can get 50% off on any 2018 workshop.