What can we expect from social media & marketing trends in 2017?

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Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

2017 Social Media & Marketing Trends

Out with the old and in with the new. Here are some social media marketing trends we expect to see in the year ahead.

This year we have seen Snapchat and their offerings reach an all-time high and the demand for mobile compatibility increase yet again.

Online opportunities for marketing, advertisement and engagement are constantly developing such as Facebook Live, which launched earlier in the year, and has already proved to be a fantastic opportunity for brands looking to engage an audience.

Social commerce has rocketed this year with advertisements within apps, blogs and sponsored ads popping up in your news feeds no matter what platform you’re on! Advertising has never been easier!

Looking forward to 2017, we have outlined a handful of social media marketing trends that we think are likely to make an appearance.

Chatbots at your service

A number of companies introduced chatbots in 2016 and they certainly got people talking, but 2017 is set to see the number of companies using chatbots increase!

Pizza Hut, for example is one business that now allows you to order your food online via a chatbot. The robot can answer questions surrounding dietary requirements, local deals on your meal and before you know it, your tailor made, gluten free, vegetarian pizza is on its way!

Whilst ordering your food via a robot is pretty cool and definitely spices the ordering process up, chatbots are often being used as a customer service aid.

Providing consumers with instantaneous answers to problems they may have is a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

So whilst chatbots may appear to be a slight novelty, we anticipate that they will soon be an integral component of a business.

Mobile optimisation

It would seem ridiculous to say that mobile optimisation is a predicted trend for 2017 when in reality, there has been no ‘year of the mobile’, but more like ‘decade of the mobile’.

Whilst mobile has soared in many ways, one thing that is still catching on is mobile optimisation. With 52.7% of those browsing the web doing so on a mobile device, ensuring your site is compatible and optimised is a trick you shouldn’t miss.

With regards to social media, a number of platforms have moved towards becoming exclusively focused on mobile experience with some never having a desktop equivalent such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook and Twitter have continued to make functionality changes that benefit the mobile audience and we expect to see these changes continue into 2017.

But with a huge number of websites out there still not fully optimised for mobile, we’re sure we’ll see some BIG improvements in 2017. If you want to check the compatibility of your website with mobile devices, then Google provides a simple mobile-friendly test.

Live streaming video

Facebook Live has taken off this year and with YouTube Live due to launch in the near future, live video streaming is set to be utilised even more for brands in 2017.

Cisco reported that by 2020, online video streaming will have grown to over 80%, meaning that the need to up your game in this sector!

Manchester based Marketing firm, Social Chain recently teamed up with online fashion retailer, Boohoo launching a simple, yet effective live video stream.

Bringing in 1,323,274 engagements and 332,895 views, this marketing campaign was crowned the most engaged Facebook Live video of all time.

For 2017, brands should be planning ahead and looking at ways they can lend themselves to live video streaming. More often than not less is more and with the ability to live stream almost anything, creativity is key.

Virtual Reality in the workplace

With 47% of businesses stating that they are considering VR for the future, virtual reality is on track to conquer the professional industry.

Not only could you experience your company monthly meeting through a virtual/augmented reality headset, but companies could soon be using these headsets to enhance the way they build their products.


We all appreciate that a personal touch on anything we receive, whether it be your name on a brands monthly newsletter or a message from the sender on your delivery, a little thought goes a long way.

More brands are picking up on this and I personally loved the little note Banter Cards left on my delivery of birthday cards. So make your audience feel special, loved and go that extra mile to personalise what you can!

Employees become brand ambassadors through social media

Employees are becoming more and more integrated with social media platforms and whilst typically it was only LinkedIn that was seen as the professional social media platform, Twitter is close behind.

Brands are taking advantage of the many social media platforms available to them and if they can have their employees on side, sharing and engaging with their posts this only furthers the reach and creates an army of brand ambassadors.

The KC office is a prime example of this! As a team we jump on any opportunity to engage with each other, the public, brands and existing/potential clients. We show that we are enthusiastic about where we work and what we do!

Overall, the digital marketing world is never going to slow down so keep on top of the social media marketing trends and ensure you’ve savvy! Whilst it may seem daunting, the benefits that these changes can reap are well worth the time and effort!