Being the client – new corporate identity for KC Comms

By June 28, 2014 April 9th, 2015 Stories

On Friday I met with Lois Iredale of Lois Creative to discuss my own corporate identity.

The branding I currently have in place was only ever meant to be temporary, but quickly my client based has increased so I want to present an image which is unique not only KC Comms but to myself.

Being on the ‘client’ end was certainly strange and I can appreciate how difficult it can be translating your requirements so that the ‘consultant’ can take away your ideas, put them all together and deliver the idea that’s in your head.

A slightly strange concept but I invited Lois round to my house to see the real me and understand what makes me tick. The ideas that came out from the session were certainly inspiring and I am extremely excited at the outcome. I didn’t want to go with a designer or agency that just throws a few ideas together and that’s pretty much your lot – and for a lot of money too. So Lois will be taking the ideas away and building a mood board and some rough logo sketches so we can decide how best to progress to the finished identity.

It’s something I am very much looking forward to and something that I can’t wait to share with everyone else!

I shall keep you posted!