Considering an apprenticeship? Here’s our top 3 tips to getting started…

By November 24, 2015 July 9th, 2016 Stories

If you are considering the apprenticeship route when you leave school or college this summer then it’s worth thinking about how you can make yourself stand out to employers before you become available. This will help you grow your network and will make you more employable than other potential apprentices.

How do I know this? 

I’ve been there! Before I founded KC Communications I started out as a business administration apprentice working for a car dealership before moving into other organisations that specialised in marketing. All the time I was looking for opportunities to develop and progress through the ranks. Bear in mind this was before the days of social media so was much harder!

Review your social media platforms

Join LinkedIn using a professional picture, provide some background (LinkedIn is like an online CV – but don’t go too much into detail like you would in a CV). Highlight the opportunity you are looking for, ensure your location is listed and highlight any qualifications and volunteering activities you have undertaken. Additionally, if you run a personal blog then share it – it will enable the employer to get a feel for your tone of voice, style and personality.

Consider setting up a twitter profile or reviewing the one you currently have. Could you be talking about issues relevant to the industry you want to be working in? For example, with marketing you could start to follow relevant marketing publications and when something catches your eye retweet with some commentary. This will showcase your interest in the industry and that you are prepared to comment on issues.

Finally, if you want your Facebook posts to remain private then lock your account down so the rest of the world can’t see!

Seek out opportunities

Choosing a career when you are still at school or college is a daunting prospect so to be sure you are entering the right path seek out work experience opportunities. Make the most of finishing at 3.30pm and help out in an office, even if it’s just to help keep it straight and tidy and definitely make the most of school / college holidays. Rather than staying in bed until lunchtime make the most of gaining some experience and making some vital contacts. These opportunities could lead to full time roles and will help you identify if it is something you really want to get involved in.

Grow your network

It’s never too early to start growing your business network. Follow relevant people on twitter, engage with them, what are their interests? If they’ve posted something you’ve found interesting tell them… from then maybe start to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Although we’re not recruiting for an apprentice right now, we are always interested in hearing from potential future talent, so if you think this is you please get in touch!