Diary of an Apprentice – Chapter 2

By February 3, 2020 Stories

Happy new year! I thought I’d kick start 2020 off by posting my next blog, which is all about marketing principles. One thing I found with this module is that it was going to be a tough one. This module contained seven different topics to learn, followed by an examination at the end of the unit

This module was taught over the duration of two days, therefore for me to pass the exam (which I fortunately did!) it meant that I had to put 110% in when studying outside of Estio.

I discovered that marketing principles tied in more with my current role at KC Communications than my first unit, coding did. I was able to learn about my colleagues’ roles and get a better understanding of their workload and how everyone works together to create a digital marketing campaign.

The KC Communications team work very closely with it’s clients. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of their team, at all stages of the project. Even towards the end of projects, we are committed to ensuring a smooth handover in particular to those clients who are taking ownership of certain activities such as social media inhouse. It’s this level of support that ensures that we end our working relationships on a high, and often results in them coming back for additional support in other areas or referrals to other clients.

Moving on from the roles and responsibilities of people in the workplace, we then explored the 4Ps (sometimes known as the marketing mix);

  • Product – Or in our case the service that we provide for clients, which is to help customers achieve their business objectives through targeted and effective public relations and marketing campaigns.
  • Place – Where you position your message/channels that you use, such as your website or social media platforms. At KC, we primarily interact with potential and existing clients through social media, our website and via relevant press.
  • Price – The price is what we charge to the client for the services we offer, subject to their requirement.
  • Promotion – Promoting the product is essential. Without this, who will hear about the service? Promotion includes elements such as advertisement, social media marketing, email campaigns, video marketing and many more.

At KC, we demonstrate how the 4P’s work with our existing and potential new clients.

To round off the module, the topics also covered, customer relationship and the different roles in a marketing team, and what their responsibilities include. Studying marketing principles has allowed me to get a better understanding of the industry I’m in, and how I can continue to develop my knowledge.

I’m looking forward to putting all the information and skills I’ve gained in this unit into practice at KC on both a number of existing clients and some exciting new ones in the education and professional service sectors.

If you missed my first blog on coding, make sure to give it a read.

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