Digital Learning Day: Facebook and the future

By February 23, 2017 Stories

Facebook recently celebrated their 13th birthday at the same time that their fourth quarter results for 2016 were published, stating ‘earnings had demolished expectations’ with a 51% increase in revenue.

It is safe to say that Facebook is in a VERY dominant position in the market; it is inarguably bigger than all other social media platforms put together and has more users than the population of China!

So, with impressive revenue growth and an astounding audience size, how will businesses and brands be utilising the platform in the future?

There has been some criticism in recent months around Facebook’s desperate attempt to engage its audience with ads. It would seem that the platform is struggling to have as big an impact as its rivals, particularly with noise in the marketing industry around the lack of value that Facebook seems to deliver to its advertisers.

But the truth is that Facebook advertising can generate tangible results, both for brands and businesses. So here’s how to do it:

  1. Amplification, not origination

Facebook should be used as a supporting channel and not the foundation for your campaign. Amplify the impact of your traditional marketing by using Facebook as a touchpoint for your message.

  1. Gain trust in an intimate context

Consumers know that brands and businesses are paying to reach them on Facebook… sorry, it’s not a secret anymore! But it’s still a more subtle environment than other platforms so make the most of the setting to gain trust in your brand message.

  1. Understand the limitations

Being realistic with your expectations is key! Even with compelling creative, you will typically see impressions at around 10% of your target audience. It is also vital to understand that Facebook mostly reaches the same audience that you’re reaching on other platforms so use it to build intensity rather than awareness.

  1. Keep your message consistent

Facebook has created an extremely target-rich advertising platform but this tempts brands into creating different messages for different target audiences. Don’t do it! Keep your Facebook ad consistent with your overall campaign so that you strengthen your authenticity.

Facebook may be up against it with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat hot on its heels with their advertising offer. But, done properly with a core message backed by quality creative, there is still a place for Facebook advertising as part of your wider campaign in the future!