Digital Learning Day: SEO Basics

By February 23, 2017 February 26th, 2017 Stories

SEO Basics

SEO. It now plays a huge role in digital marketing, but what is it I hear you ask? Listen up!

I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship at Marketing, PR and Social Media Agency, KC Communications and every month I attend Estio Training Centre in Leeds and I learn about everything and anything digital.

Each week I am introduced to a new topic by the engaging and highly enthusiastic tutors. One interesting topic that had me hooked was Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The official definition of SEO is the process of maximising the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine such as Google and Bing.

Search engines display links to pages that they consider most relevant and authorities. These qualities are measured by the search engines algorithms.

So, how can you help to get your website displaying on the search engine’s results?

Step 1:

Write highly engaging content which is relevant to your target audience! Include keywords and phrases used by people who search for your products or services.

Step 2:

Make it incredibly easy for people to share and link to your content. Importantly, make sure your social media buttons/ hyperlinks are visible as soon a visitor steps onto your home page. If your website is too much fuss to link too, then people simply won’t bother. There’s plenty more out there! So having an accessible website which is clear and easy to navigate is a must.

Step 3:

Keep it up! The third and final step is simply to not stop this repetitive cycle of producing engaging content for your audience and encouraging it to be shared. Keep pushing forward and be consistent. With hard work and persistence, one day your website could be at the top.

Overall it is extremely important to listen to what kind of content your potential customers are looking for. Create a unique yet easy to navigate website, push out regular content and get it trending!

To finish I am just going to leave you with a quote that I came across; “building a website without SEO is like building a road without direction…”