Emoji ‘Reactions’ Set To Replace the Classic Like Button

By November 3, 2015 Stories

Facebook have recently announced the addition of the ‘reactions’ feature to their classic ‘Like Button’. Once introduced it will allow users to be more empathetic towards what their friends post, offering a choice of 6 new emojis as opposed to a simple ‘like’.

This has come as a response to noticing that people have a tendency to use stickers as a non-written way to share their response to a post. The emoji options will essentially make it easier for people to be more specific about how they feel without the use of words.

When a like isn’t enough, users will be given emojis to express their love, happiness, sadness, surprise and anger. The ‘angry’ emoji is probably the closest we are going to get to a dislike button, as this is something Facebook want to avoid to keep negativity and bulling on the site to a minimum.

This could well be a revolutionary feature, but also, will it mean users lack honest, heart-felt opinions? After all, nothing shows empathy more than something that is compassionately written – or does it?