Experts reveal the health benefits of virtual travel

By February 10, 2021 March 8th, 2021 Client News
  • New insight reveals how virtual travel can benefit your health and wellbeing
  • share six ways Brits can travel from their sofa in 2021

With avid travellers stuck at home due to ongoing travel restrictions, new expert insight from reveals why Brits should turn to virtual travel to get their fix and how this could benefit their health and wellbeing. 

Speaking with, Lee Chambers, Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant said: “Virtual travel has become an exciting way to immerse ourselves, with access to traditional travel currently restricted. The ability to visually experience the novelty of places we haven’t been or can’t access is powerful, boosting our mood by anchoring us at the moment, forgetting our worries and anxieties.” 

Lee explains the three main benefits of virtual travelling: 

  • It can trigger excitement and awe, stimulating positive neurotransmitters such as serotonin, making us feel happier and more content. 
  • Watching natural environments can leave us feeling grounded and connected to something bigger, reducing blood pressure and stress levels. 
  • An often overlooked aspect is how grateful it makes us feel, seeing places on our planet, triggering thoughts of possibilities and options, rather than threats and what we can’t do. also spoke to Dennis Relojo-Howell, founder of Psychreg, who added: “Aside from learning new things and meeting new people, travelling can be really beneficial to our mental health. For instance, we mainly travel as a form of relaxation since it lowers our stress and allows us to relax physically and mentally.”

“The pandemic has significantly affected our travel plans, but we can use this to our advantage. There are lots of travel films and TV shows available to stream as well as vlogs on YouTube – which can give us a feeling of being on a virtual travelling expedition and help us to explore some of the worlds most loved destinations from the safety of our homes.”

To help Brits navigate the world of virtual travel, share six ways to travel the world from their sofa: 

  1. Travel TV and Films 

Why not take advantage of your many entertainment subscriptions and get exploring with a travel TV show, film or documentary. From city breaks on Travel Man (available on All 4) to exploring America’s National Parks (available on Netflix) there are plenty of options when it comes to travel TV and films. Whether you’re an adventurer, wildlife lover, explorer, city break lover or looking for more of a spiritual journey, shares the best travel TV and films to stream now.


2. Walking tours on Youtube

If your favourite part of going on holiday is getting out on a walking tour, then YouTube is on hand to help you fill this void at home. Over 20K people have subscribed to this channel which allows viewers to visit Lanzarote, Portimao, Amsterdam and even Ramsgate in Kent.


 3. Virtual park walks 

Being able to get out on foot and explore local parks is also a favourite holiday activity for many. If you want to take a look around London’s Hyde Park, Madrid’s Rio Park or Paris’ André Citroën Park, there are a whole host of first person perspective park walks to be viewed on YouTube. This particular series has over 40 park walks for viewers to indulge in. 


4. Real life safaris 

Part of many family getaways is meeting and exploring the local wildlife. And while zoos and safari parks are currently shut due to the lockdown here in the UK, animal lovers can head over to Chester Zoo’s YouTube channel for a virtual tour of the zoo. For those looking for something a little further adrift, andBeyond and WildEarth have an amazing range of real time safari experiences online.


5. Scenic cycling 

Cycling holidays have become increasingly popular, especially in the UK where the scenic landscapes offer up the perfect conditions to get out on your bike. Luckily for those missing their cycling holidays, Peloton have created a series of scenic rides for their users to enjoy and take a break from the surroundings they have come to know all too well during lockdown. Visit Peleton to find out more. 


6. Mindful travelling 

And while some people miss the hustle and bustle of travelling, others miss the escapism and chance to reconnect with themselves on spiritual getaways. Calm have recently launched a #Calmgetaways series where users can lay back, relax and travel through Africa. 


Gareth Irving, director of commented: ”With travel restrictions set to continue for at least the next few months and new quarantine rules now in place for arrivals in the UK, we wanted to highlight the importance of virtual travelling and how you can travel the world this year- from the comfort of your own home!

“There are so many benefits of travelling from learning new things and gaining new experiences, but it’s really important to recognise that travelling can also benefit our health and wellbeing. Whilst we may not be able to jet off on holiday in the UK or abroad, virtual travel is a great option for families up and down the UK to stay engaged with their passion for travelling. 

“We hope our insight is beneficial for Brits looking for a little escapism this year!”

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