Facebook’s 360 tool offers businesses far more than ‘just another feature’

By June 21, 2016 Stories

How many times have you struggled to take a good photo of something phenomenal? You just want others to experience the same overwhelming feeling you’ve witnessed and after filling up your camera roll with hundreds of indifferent shots, you’re still unsatisfied. Stills often do the setting no justice, be it a snap of your new office, of the atmosphere at an event, or your visit to the city, but since Facebook launched its Facebook 360 photo tool, disappointing photos are a thing of the past.

Since the launch, 360 degree panoramas have been gradually popping onto our timelines, but what ultimately interests us is how this next-generation tool can be used as an added benefit to businesses.

This tool alone has the power to bring your consumers a more immersive experience, whereby the aspect of ‘virtual reality’ as opposed to 2D images makes the consumer feel more connected to the brand. An immersive experience comes as a result of experiential marketing, whereby businesses aim to provide a more fun and memorable experience for consumers, which will create a lasting, positive association with the brand.

Facebook have also launched Facebook 360, a microsite designed to inspire more publishers, content makers and filmmakers to use the new tool and help create widespread immersive experiences.

It’s known that adding multimedia to your social content should be high up in the list of must-dos when it comes to an effective social media strategy. Multimedia of any sort drastically enriches the quality of the content and is more likely to receive engagement than textual posts. This innovative tool however, further augments the interactivity of a post, encouraging even more responses and shares.

The tool captures images much like Google 360, whereby Google would create 360 degree premises views for businesses. This means that businesses can easily share their office views with consumers, without going to the extra effort of outsourcing the task. The power is now in your hands!

If your business is not yet utilising 360 technologies, it is worth thinking about. Many companies are taking advantage of the boom in VR and as a result, competition is rising to provide the best immersive experience for consumers. An exciting and interactive new frontier has been made available to all who utilise social media – now is the time to use it and up your marketing game.

Photo credit, Facebook 360