Google Algorithm Update: Here’s What KC Comms Think

By July 16, 2015 December 10th, 2015 Stories

Google have recently launched their new algorithm update, ‘The Phantom 2’ which is all geared towards rewarding quality content on the net. Since the update, Google has seen its ranking favour sites with high quality content, which has therefore encouraged users to engage early in consideration stages of their purchase journey. This is definitely a bonus when writing good quality content for our clients!

The update will now see sites that overload their pages with keywords underperforming. It has been reported that there is now a shift from product and brand searches to purpose searches; therefore brands should be taking advantage.

Consumers essentially want to be offered more and are happy to shop around for the company that provides them with this. If your content is engaging, your audience will want more. It is imperative as marketers to focus on educating and supporting consumers rather than simply promoting a hard-core sales pitch.

It is also important we don’t clutter our consumers with pointless content for SEO purposes, but to think outside of the box when creating supportive content. Put yourselves in the consumer’s shoes. What content would you want to see if you were searching for this product or service? What extra information would you find useful?

In light of changes made by Google to their algorithms, our client, Sheards Wealth Management required a website that was responsive across multiple mobile devices. This was essential considering that since KC Communications took over the digital marketing and social media requirements users accessing the Sheards Wealth Management website using a mobile device (mobile and tablet) has tripled*.

As marketers we are constantly adapting to changes in the digital marketing arena.

If you’re concerned that the Google Algorithm will affect you then talk to us today.