Guess the Emoji! #EmojiDay2018

By July 18, 2018 July 23rd, 2018 Stories

You may have seen our #GuessTheEmoji Posts on Twitter yesterday and depending on who was acting you will have either been able to guess the emoji or have been very confused. In spirit of world #emojiday2018, we all chose an emoji which we think best represents us and tried to act it out for you to guess! This may have been easier for you to guess if you know any of our personalities individually, but we still think our acting skills deserve a 10/10 for effort!

Mine is hands down the crying with laughter emoji.

I just feel that there are so many situations that it can apply to. Someone sent me something funny…. Crying with laughter emoji. Balancing the daily struggles of being a mum, running a business, being a wife and trying to fit general life in and sometimes failing… Crying with laughter emoji!

That being said, there is just something about that emoji that just brings a smile to my face and regardless of the situation, always reminds me to find the positive in everything.

Mine has got to be the ZZZZ Emoji

With two young boys, who haven’t learnt the act of sleeping well yet, I am constantly shattered. I’ve started talking less about how tired I am, as nobody needs to hear about it day in day out.

But in all my messages, no matter what the content, you’ll almost always see me signing off with a good old ZZZZ. Just helps to explain why I can be so forgetful sometimes! Oh and my reason for drinking so much coffee! 🙂 Here’s to a good night sleep! ZZZZ

Mine is definitely the eye roll emoji…

For those that know me well, they’ll be aware of how many times a day I roll my eyes. Most of the time it’s just for sarcastic effect! But I definitely use the eye roll emoji the most in my messages too. It can pretty much be used to sum up anything – when I’ve forgotten to do something, when something goes wrong, when I’m late… you name it, the eye roll emoji will make an appearance. And who doesn’t love a good passive-aggressive eye roll??

Mine has to the goofy face???

I love how crazy this emoji looks; I feel as though it is an actual representation of myself as it presents a certain vibe of wackiness.
I can apply this emoji to any situation I face as I think it looks hilarious, and I like to involve humour with everything.
But even in not so funny situations this crazy looking emoji never fails to cheer me up.

I just like how weird it looks, its meant to be for serious or shocking conversations but it just takes all the seriousness away in a funny manner. People that know me well, know that I like to bring humor into serious or uncomfortable situations.