Happy Belated 12th Birthday Facebook!

By February 5, 2016 Stories

We’re finding it hard to believe that Facebook has been around for all of 12 years!

To celebrate the social network’s birthday, Facebook commemorated the event with a custom video for millions of users showing the history of which people have spent their time (and days) spent on Facebook. The occasion, which was trending on Twitter, was called #FriendsDay.

To celebrate Facebook’s birthday we wanted to share our top reasons for loving the social media platform…

We all love a good look at old photos that (to be kind), take us by surprise and give us a ‘blast from the past’. Reliving old memories can make us want to contact old friends, which is essentially is what Facebook are famous for doing… bringing people together. Facebook is constantly reminding us of the bad haircuts and clothes we used to wear. OH wait…was this just us?

We either have some very bizarre friends on Facebook, or we’ve made a bad decision and followed a load of random pages when I first signed up to Facebook, but I always seem to have numerous videos on my homepage. Admittedly, most of the time they are rather annoying, but sometimes you just find that video gem that you’ve no idea where someone has found it, but it cracks you up that much you end up sharing it with all of your friends. So, I suppose this is a ‘thanks’ to all our bizarre friends out there!

Connected (or nosy?)
Now let’s not beat around the bush, we don’t like missing out on what’s going on do we (guilty)! Facebook has allowed us to stay connected with all our friends or so called ‘friends’ in some people’s case. It really has proved to be a great tool for keeping in touch when life gets hectic!

As one of the biggest social networking sights in the world, it’s no surprise that Facebook is good for Business. Networking is key in the business environment and in order to succeed, Facebook (alongside many other strong social media networks) is a great way to get the word out about a business, product or even an event! An online presence also helps make your customers feel connected and helps develop a ‘relationship’. It’s definitely interesting to see how businesses try and use this platform effectively.

With the network giant showing no sign of slowing down and with 1.5 billion active users on the platform to date, we’re left wondering…what’s next?