Instagram: The Secret Map That Shows People Where You Live

By November 23, 2015 Stories

Instagram: 300 million of us use it every month, 90% of users are younger than 30, and 14% of users even admit to using the app while driving.

So whats special about Instagram and are there any hidden dangers of this much-loved platform?

People love things that are visual, whether it is today’s lunch, a #TBT from last September, or a gym session from last night. Whereas Twitter and Facebook would tell us what our peers are up to, Instagram shows us.

Users can create an enhanced online presence for their followers, using filters, location tags and friend tags.

However, there are certain aspects to Instagram that could potentially make it a risky place to publish your daily life. Photo Map is a function of Instagram that posts your pictures onto a physical map, which can pin point locations from where a person has posted.

This could be bad news for celebrities, who might find themselves in a stalker situation. Some celebs have caught on to this feature and turned the Photo Map function off (perhaps due to a savvy social media manager). However, there are some that may be oblivious to the dangers of Photo Map.

Take Mel B for example, who has her Photo Map switched on. If you look at her map, there is one specific location in Sacramento, California, that her account consistently posts from. You can look through the photos posted from that location, and find images of her in her pyjamas, which suggests that she lives in that specific place.

Location privacy is extremely important, even for us non-celebs. So go onto your Instagram today and find out if your Photo Map is activated. If you’re uncomfortable with people potentially finding your address, then turn it off.