Instagram: The Update We Have All Been Waiting For

By February 10, 2016 Stories

Let’s face it; it was the day social media marketers were eagerly waiting for. On Monday, Instagram proudly announced that they had finally added the ever so desirable feature of having the ability to switch between multiple accounts without even having to log out.

Not only would this have been music to social media manager’s ears but also to everyday users too. This means that people who manage blogs, personal and business accounts will effortlessly be able to switch between accounts saving both a huge amount of time.

With 55 million photos and 86.4 million comments posted on a daily basis this platform is a marketing tool not to be dismissed. Visual content is becoming more and more popular on social media and is becoming increasingly important for brands to create and leverage.

Will this change mean that you will spend more time on Instagram for you personally or on behalf of your business? It’s important not to forget that Instagram can offer a whole spectrum of opportunities including increased engagement, building trust and personality, increasing traffic to your website and essentially reaching your target market!