International Women’s Day at KC Communications

By March 8, 2021 March 26th, 2021 Stories

Today marks International Women’s Day when countries worldwide celebrate women’s achievements and rally together for gender equality. Each year the organisers choose a new theme under which they can unify efforts and help raise awareness – this year, the theme is #ChooseToChallenge.

At KC Communications, we #ChoosetoChallenge our limits and what we can accomplish with the aim to support others in being vocal, assertive, leaders, and who they want to be.

Celebrate your strengths

As a team, we are extreme believers in clearly understanding our strengths and personalities to challenge and celebrate ourselves and our colleagues. To help us with this process, whenever a new member of the team joins KC Communications, we use CliftonStrengths by Gallup to discover their top strengths and use 16personalities to understand our personality types. 

While there are a few unique strengths across the team, we also share a few, so it’s vital to understand how we can utilise these, both as individuals and collectively. That’s why we often hold sessions to revisit our strengths, identifying how we use them in day-to-day life and where we can make better use of them to benefits ourselves personally, but collectively too, to achieve results for both our clients and the business. 

When it comes to any task, it’s important to consider how you can put your strengths into play and how you could use them to achieve results.

We also use these sessions to reflect on our personal goals and achievements. So, to hold us accountable, we’re sharing our goals for the next 12 – 24 months with the big wide world, along with details of which inspirational woman stands out for us. 

Have a read, and share with us your goal for the year ahead.  

Our Goals and Inspiration

Katrina Cliffe, Managing DirectorKatrina Cliffe

Strengths: Strategic, relator, learner, achiever and intellection

“In the next two years, I would like to double the agency turnover, and to do that, there are a number of things I need to put in place for both myself and my colleagues to help make that happen. On a personal level, I’m on a health mission at the moment, which I know personally helps my resilience and for me to live some of my strengths. If anything, the past 12 months have taught me that both physical and mental health is at the core of everything.”

Inspiration = Robin Arzón, VP Fitness Programming and Instructor, Peloton

“There are far too many amazing women to single my all-time Inspirational Woman, but for me right now it is Peloton Instructor Robin. Having finally relented during lockdown and invested in a Peloton bike, Robin has become my chief motivator when it comes to both my fitness and life goals.

“What I find even more inspiring is how Robin went from a career in corporate litigation, only starting out her running journey after a traumatic experience, before progressing to become Peloton’s VP of fitness programming. Her journey shows me that no matter where we are right now if we have the right mindset and worth ethic, we can achieve anything.”

Lana Eardley, Operations & Talent Manager Lana Eardley - Operations and Talent Manager at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield

Strengths: Strategic, positivity, input, maximiser and woo

“My goal for my career within KC Communications over the next year is to help support the team reach their goals by enhancing the learning and development offering and ensuring each staff member has a clear progression pathway. Personally, I’d love to achieve at least a merit in my master’s degree in Career Guidance and Professional Development – something that goes hand in hand with my goal!”

Inspiration = Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States

“Kamala is a true depiction of how you can achieve anything, being the first woman as well as being the first woman of colour to serve as vice president. Coming from humble beginnings, Kamala has talked of her work ethic being inspired by her mother (who was a scientist) – something that I can really relate to as my personal hero is my own mother. As an ENFJ personality type whose strategy is people mastery, I feel my personality traits relate to Kamala within her political journey.“

Ellis Noble, Account DirectorEllis Noble - Account Director at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield

Strengths: Individualisation, maximiser, arranger, strategic and woo

“My main focus for the business is to help support the agency to hit its forecast for the next financial year, through playing a part in new business and helping our existing clients reach their goals. On a personal level, I would like to complete my training in website development and have some real-life case studies to add to my portfolio!”

Inspiration = Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

“Jacinda Ardern, or the Prime Minister of New Zealand for those not acquainted, has been the epitome of a girl boss over the last 12 months, showing exactly how to be a strong female leader, without having to neglect any of the feminine qualities that have been labelled as a negative in the business and political world. Her response to the pandemic has been praised across the world.”

Frankie Lyons, Senior Digital PR ManagerFrankie Lyons - Senior Digital PR Manager at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield

Strengths: Strategic, includer, developer, restorative and futuristic

“My main goal for the next two years is to continue to grow my skills in the digital space, helping to strengthen the PR offering I can give clients and in turn play an active role in growing KC Communications. I ultimately want to become a leader within my specialism in the team. I’m also keen to help grow the PR offering here and mentor junior members of the team through their career, upskilling them but also learning from them too!”

Inspiration = Jo Cox, Former Member of Parliament

“It’s so hard for me to pick just the one woman who inspires me, as I’m surrounded by so many powerful, confident and strong women on a daily basis. But one woman who always stands out to me and her words are constantly in the back of my mind is Jo Cox. She famously said, “We have more in common than that which divides us”, and for me, this phrase feels just as relevant today as it was five years ago. Jo was a working mum, born in Batley, just as I was. She followed her dreams and fought for what she believed in, and I don’t think there’s anything more inspirational than that!” 

Kayleigh Morgan, Junior Account ManagerKayleigh Morgan - Junior Account Manager at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield

Strengths: Empathy, includer, activator, woo and communication

“By 2022, I would like to see myself promoted to an Account Manager and be in the process of purchasing my first home. To do this, I have set myself smaller objectives and challenges to conquer based on my strengths, such as developing my confidence and communication strength by writing more about what I am doing to demonstrate my knowledge and expertise. Hopefully, I will build enough confidence to discuss my past experiences and knowledge with others over webinars, events and in written pieces.”

Inspiration = Fearne Cotton, Television and radio presenter

“After finding difficulty presenting to my peers at university and suffering from anxiety, Fearne Cotton inspired me a lot when she prioritised her mental health. After announcing she suffered from anxiety and frequent panic attacks, she put herself first and took the time to evaluate her work-life balance. She now often talks about her experience and knowledge on her podcasts, TV and radio with glowing confidence. One of my strengths is communication, but I need to believe more in myself to use it to its full potential. Fearne inspires me to work on my confidence, anxiety, and knowledge to be the best version of me.”

Chloe Kerfoot, Digital Marketing ApprenticeChloe Kerfoot Headshot

Strengths: Learner, positivity, communication, consistency and futuristic

“As I make progress within my career with KC Communications, I want to be able to use my work as a way of evidencing my knowledge and new findings, carrying out my job efficiently and prove my abilities.

I aim to gain a qualification from my apprenticeship and move forward with KC Communications, growing my confidence as a digital marketer and get involved in more client meetings and interactions. Targets include contributing more ideas and actioning them as part of client strategies. My end goal is to find my niche in marketing.”

Inspiration = Selena Gomez, American singer

“Over the years, Selena has influenced society and a voice for young people and anyone struggling with mental health and illnesses. I have watched her on television as I have grown up, representing important causes such as mental health and Black Lives Matter (BLM) as well as focusing on the film and music industries.

Her beliefs fall into my ‘Consistency’ strength and how she wants everyone to be treated fairly and find a balance. She is a fighter, down to earth, relatable, outspoken and stands up for what she believes in. One day I hope I can play my part and give back to others in the future. I want to grow into my skin and become stronger, independent, confident, speak up for myself, fight for what I believe in, and not be beaten down.”

Brianna Allsopp, PR Apprentice Brianna Allsopp - PR Apprentice at KC Communications

Strengths: Relator, futuristic, learner, discipline and focus

“My main goal for the next couple of years is to expand my skills and knowledge of how the Marketing and PR industry works and how I can best provide for clients. Through my apprenticeship, I hope to eventually achieve a distinction, improve my presentation skills, and become more confident when discussing my work and ideas.”

Inspiration = Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Representative

“I first found out about AOC from watching a documentary on Netflix called ‘Knock down the House’. The film follows four women from across America running for Congress in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Ocasio-Cortez, a first-time candidate, defeated her opponent despite being one of the most renowned Democrats in the House of Representatives and having much more funding than her. At 29, she became the youngest woman ever to serve in the United States Congress and continues to be one of the most influential voices in politics from her massive presence on Social Media and record-breaking viral speeches.”

As a team, we aim to work together to build a strong future for ourselves and our families, building on our strengths and successes. As Michelle Obama once said, “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

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