IT services provider, Central Networks and Technologies, sees a 15% growth

By May 6, 2020 Client News

Central Networks and Technologies, based in Heywood, Greater Manchester, has reported a 15% growth in revenues, as well as a corresponding increase in earnings.

The IT service provider, Central Networks and Technologies, was founded in September 1991. Since then, the company has enjoyed 29 years of profitable operation. It has helped over 2000 clients with their IT and support needs. Clients include SMEs across all sectors, as well as social housing associations.

Central Networks and Technologies offer a wide range of IT services, including public, private or hybrid cloud solutions, infrastructure services, as well as disaster and backup solutions. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft Azure specialist.

To work forwards fulfilling its ambitious growth plans, the company has recently recruited six new roles into the business. New roles have been filled across marketing, sales and engineering departments. It also recruited a new part-time General Manager, Paul Beaumont, to manage the company’s business growth strategy.

General Manager, Paul Beaumont, commented, “We’re delighted to have seen a substantial increase in the company’s revenues. It is also great to welcome new recruits to our expanding team. With this expansion, Central’s customers and prospects will be able to gain from our increased capacity and newly acquired knowledge.”

Central Networks and Technologies’ growth comes at a time when it is crucial that employees are able to work from home while maintaining effective communication with colleagues and customers, as well as having secure remote access to their work’s systems, software and files. COVID-19 has forced companies across the UK to ensure they have the appropriate IT systems in place to be able to cope with a surge in remote workers.

Beaumont added, “We have recently expanded our products and services with new capabilities to help our customers through these turbulent times. We hope to help and support more customers with their IT needs through this difficult time – and beyond.”