KC Communications take advantage of #4pmFinish Friday!

By September 15, 2017 Stories

With awareness days and hashtags trending on Twitter pretty much daily, it can be hard to keep a track of them all and more importantly find the time to take advantage of them. However, #4pmFinish is one we just had to get involved with!

We take work/life balance very seriously here at KC Communications. We have flexible working hours, a meeting room which doubles up as a workout room complete with yoga mats and kettlebells and most importantly an understanding and supportive team!

Next Monday, we are even due to embark on a full day Workplace Wellbeing workshop with our lovely client, Yorkshire Yogi (more to follow).

However, with it being reported that millennials favour a workplace which offers work/life balance over career progression when searching for employment, it is clear this is certainly not a phase and is instead something which all companies will have to consider if they want to not only recruit but retain talent.

That being said and with today being ‘National 4pm Finish’ day, we felt it was only right that we take advantage of the earlier finish to enable us to do something for ourselves. Whether that be spending more time with family or even getting those personal admin calls made that you’ve been meaning to do all week.

This years 4pm Finish lands on a slightly awkward day for us with having staff on annual leave and a couple of staff taking part in a HTAFC Partners Walk so for those who are out of the office, they will be able to take advantage of the earlier finish on an alternative day.

Here’s how some of the team will be taking advantage of the extra time!

Laura Batchelor


As a working mum with two young boys, I am usually in a rush to pick my boys from nursery after work. So I will take my 4pm finish one day next week and use the extra hour to get home first, get some tea made and fit my exercise in before picking them up! This will allow me to have a much less stressful evening in the lead up to bedtime and I might even get to enjoy a glass of wine once the kids are in bed, instead of using that time to do my workout. Yay to finishing at 4pm!

Megan West


Living in Leeds, the Friday evening commute is never that pleasant. However, with everyone out of the office and my car currently off the road, Katrina has kindly allowed me to work from home! With an extra hour and a half to play with at the end of the day and no commute to worry about, I am using the extra time to collect my younger brother from the train station and prepare for a pizza night with him! Living away from home means I don’t get to see my brother as much as I’d like so it will be really nice to be able to utilise my time and get some extra family time in.


One of my close friends lives down south and is about to move abroad and start a new life in Singapore with her boyfriend. I’d planned to visit her this weekend before she moves away, so I’ve used the 4pm finish to book an earlier train down to London! This means that instead of arriving in London at around 9pm, I’ll get there at 7:30ish – so there’s still plenty of time to go out for a few after work drinks and a bit of food when I get there! Thanks KC 🙂 x

Paula Kowalska


In the course of our daily lives, we often get caught up with trying to get as much work ‘out of the way’ as possible, forgetting to take time to broaden our knowledge and keep on developing. We don’t often recognise how much time an hour and a half is, and how much can be done in that time – looking back to school times, that’s two full lessons!

With that in mind, I have decided to use the #4pmFinish to do some CPD. I have a stack of PR and marketing related books waiting to be read, and I never seem to find the time. Now I have! I love learning and exploring new areas of what we do and how we can approach projects in a more creative and award-winning way. I plan to get some insights into how to better measure campaign results as well, so not only we can make our client’s campaigns even more awesome, but we also find an even more accurate way of measuring their impact and the benefits our work brings to their businesses. So, time to go find my reading glasses!

Amanda Evans


It is great to be part of an organisation that is recognising September as self-improvement month. As part of this initiative, the whole team at KC Communications will be enjoying their own #4pmFridayfinish. With the summer holidays well and truly over, and back to school routines in full swing, I will be using my early finish to disconnect completely from my devices and catch up with a friend.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year so I will be making the most of my local surroundings and going outdoors to enjoy a walk in the mild, bright weather and take in the colours of the autumn leaves. Cake and cappuccino will no doubt feature somewhere along the way too!

Katrina Cliffe


As always, I am constantly running from one thing to the next but during my holiday in August, I made myself a commitment to get my fitness back on track and lose some of the pounds I have put on since starting the business. However, on Friday I am hosting a HTAFC Partners walk over Marsden Moor Estate, so whilst that takes care of the fitness it means I will probably need to take advantage of the earlier finish elsewhere so I will be getting myself booked into Alexandra House Spa in order to unwind and soothe those muscle aches.

Let us know if you’re finishing at 4pm today and what you’re planning on doing with your time and Tweet us @KCComms!