KC Communications volunteer at The Big Screen Weekend

By July 1, 2015 July 15th, 2019 KC News

This weekend Grace & Johanna volunteered to support local charity, The Town Foundation at The Big Screen Weekend being held in St George’s Square, Huddersfield.

The Big Screen Weekend was a culmination of feature films being shown on each day including the likes of The Lego Movie, Frozen Sing-along and Mamma-Mia (which a lot of people chose to sing along to!)

Big Screen Weekends are hosting two events throughout summer, which are completely free of charge for the public to attend and are funded exclusively by private investment. However, the organisers, Stafflex and Food Fests Ltd. thought it would be a good idea for local charities to benefit from the generosity. The Town Foundation is Big Screen Weekend’s first beneficiary, with Kirkwood Hospice set to benefit in August.

The Town Foundation aims to help improve the quality of life for young people across Huddersfield and West Yorkshire and it was the perfect opportunity for us to go the extra mile, dedicating a small amount of our time, and hopefully raise that little bit extra money!

It was also great to see our client Sheards Accountancy getting involved and giving a helping hand on the Friday evening of Big Screen Weekend.

The day consisted of collecting donations from the crowds and interacting with everyone at the event. We even had our photo taken with Terry the Terrier! After a long day, we were delighted to get such positive feedback from the lovely Mandy Taylor about our contribution.

“Both yourself and Johanna were shining examples of the brilliant type of volunteers that we are always appealing for – fun, respectful and professional at all times!”

Mandy is a fantastic ambassador for the charity whose energy levels were on top form at all times. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and one we aspire to!

We are very much looking forward to the next time we support The Town Foundation.