The Social Shoutout! Facebook Wi-Fi, Snapchat’s Paperlink Tool and The Selfie Advice App

By July 7, 2017 July 19th, 2017 Stories

Our social media weekly roundup gives you updates on what has been going on in the past week on social media. If you have any questions or comments, give us a tweet @kccomms!

Facebook’s New Wi-Fi Feature

Last year, Facebook introduced a new feature in the USA to find Wi-Fi locally, this has now been rolled out across the world.

You can easily find the feature under the ‘More’ tab within the Facebook app. Then you need to enable the Wi-Fi feature to allow your device to find the nearest hotspots. The hotspot locations are shared with the network by businesses. The business needs to state on their business page that they offer free Wi-Fi for it to be able to work.

This will be a life saver when you have poor signal or you want to save your own mobile data. Make sure you allow Facebook to access your location for it to work, then you will have free Wi-Fi forever!


Snapchat’s New Paperlink Feature

Snapchat has realised new features this week to keep it one step ahead of Instagram.

It has broken its ‘no links’ rule as it has to compete. It is called the ‘Paperlink’ tool, which allows users to add their website to a snap meaning friends can swipe up to easily access your website. It is as easy as one simple click, just select the paperclip tool on the right-hand side of the screen!

Also bundled into the latest update is their new backdrop feature, meaning that you can use the scissor tool to cut away any background you don’t want to see! Trace around the object, select one of the template backdrop designs, giving a certain part of your snap the spotlight!

The question is how long will it take for Instagram to take back over again!


WhatsApp is in Night Mode

WhatsApp has added a Night Mode feature for its in-app camera, to help better pictures in low light conditions. Similarly to Snapchat, it will only apply when the camera is opened in low light conditions.

A crescent moon will appear in the top right corner, if it can be enabled. The user needs to click the button to activate it, which will turn it yellow.


Twitter Fake News

Fake news is hitting everyone’s social media feeds, and it is becoming harder to define what is true and false. Twitter is looking to introducing a feature to flag up tweets which may be deemed to be ‘fake’ or misleading information.

It isn’t quite clear what Twitter will do with the information just yet, but it is seen to be used to ‘game the system’.


The Selfie Advice App

We are all guilty of sharing rubbish photos on social media, and most of these are selfies! This new app will be your new honest friend, telling you which photo to post. Meet EyeEm, they will look through your photo library and see which photos are Instagram worthy. Unfortunately, it is only available for Android but will soon be rolled out to Apple.

The app uses image recognition technology, learning and replicating the curation and expertise of professional photographers. It will certainly come in handy for social media users, helping them figure out which snaps will generate the most likes (because we all know that’s what’s important). Let’s all have a round of applause to better social media feeds!