The Social Shoutout! Facebook Messenger Ad’s, #90sWereTheBestBecause and Gangnam Style Going Down

By July 14, 2017 July 19th, 2017 Stories

In our 3rd social media weekly roundup we’re giving you an update on what has been going on in the past week. If you have any questions or comments, give us a tweet @kccomms!

Twitter Rolls Out New Feature

Twitter logo

Twitter is still trying to curb abusive behaviour on their platform. It has now released a new feature that helps users disable notifications from accounts that they want to avoid. It has options for users to mute notifications from accounts who they don’t follow as well as accounts that don’t follow them.

The platform has said it is working hard on identifying abusive accounts, even if they haven’t been reported.

Facebook Introduces Messenger Ads

Facebook now has over 2 billion users, of which 1.2 billion are using the Messenger app. They announced this week that they were beginning to test out the new ads feature on the messaging app, now being rolled out globally.

Ads will be displayed on the home tab, which will then take users to either the advertiser’s website or to a chat window to talk further. Users can have the option to temporarily hide specific ads, but not stop them completely.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Gangnam Style is Going Down!

Well Gangnam Style has been knocked out of the top spot! It is no longer the highest streamed video on YouTube. It still has a whopping 2,898,878,316 views but this isn’t enough to beat Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – See You Again, whose view count has gone up to 2,913,836,364 (at the time of writing)!

This soundtrack for Fast and Furious 7, which paid tribute to Paul Walker, is now the most watched video on the site. The views on both videos equates to more than 21,000 years of streaming… I think we need to go back to the Ice Age!

Watch this space though, because the recent hit Despacito is hot on Khalifa’s heels, ready to take the top spot.

Dating App Finds Lookalike Celebrities

Badoo Dating App

Badoo Lookalikes is a new dating app feature which can match you to people who look most like your celebrity crushes. ‘What’s your type on paper?’ has been a question asked frequently, but we can now maybe experience this in real life, with this great new facial recognition technology.

The app works by users uploading a photo of a person they like the look of (this is where celebrities come in handy) so that local lookalikes can be found. Users can also upload a picture of themselves to see others who may look like them and scope out the competition!


This new hashtag has been trending this week with people jumping on the band wagon. This decade gave us Friends, Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls amongst other things. We all remember the days when the phone rang and you were knocked offline, or going to rent the latest Blockbuster video on a Friday after school. There are just too many memories, but one thing we know for sure is everybody loved the 90’s!