KFC, Facebook Ads metric overhaul, & Man Utd are finally on YouTube.

By February 23, 2018 Stories

Another week has come and gone, with more social media shenanigans having taken place over the last five days or so.

The big news story of the week was of course the problems faced KFC, as the fried chicken giant actually ran out of chicken. I never thought I’d write or say that, but yes, the impossible happened, and down to logistical problems with their new delivery company – DHL, we’re looking at you here – outlets of the Colonel’s famous chicken chain were forced to close due to a lack of stock. Of course, angry consumers took to social media to complain about their lack of tender breast, luscious legs and spicy wings.

The BBC’s Dan Walker got involved with a cheeky peck at Manchester City following their loss to Wigan in the FA Cup on Monday:

The shame didn’t stop there either, as even supermarket Iceland got in on the act…

And let’s not forget the woman who went viral after she ranted on ITV’s News at Ten about having to look elsewhere for her fast-food fix:

Today (Friday) though, KFC apologised with a full-page advert in the Metro. Quite a clever one at that.

Well played KFC, well played. But let’s be honest, this was a colossal ? up.

Moving away from fried chicken we continue with the news that Facebook has said that it is to start overhauling its metrics to help bring greater clarity to advertisers on how paid-for media placements work on their platform.

Facebook have announced that they are going to introduce a new labelling system which will make it easier for advertisers to see whether the metrics used to measure their ad’s performance are estimated, or in development.

As part of the overhaul, metrics such as ‘actions’ ‘people taking action’ and ‘cost per any action’ will also now start to disappear, with feedback from advertisers suggesting that these metrics weren’t helpful to them.

Finally, we finish with the news that one of the world’s biggest football clubs has finally moved into the 21st century and launched a YouTube channel!

At the start of the week, Manchester United were the only Premier League team, and the only one of the top football clubs globally, who didn’t have a YouTube channel. By the end of the week, that had changed, with the Old Trafford club announcing on Thursday that it was launching an official club channel.

Tomos Grace, YouTube’s Head of Sport (EMEA) said:

“Amazingly, even without an official football channel it is the most viewed club in the world on YouTube.

“But one channel that people are looking for is the official Manchester United voice. The plans they have are very exciting. They want to go big.”

So there we have it, the Red Devils are now officially on YouTube. Well done United, it’s only taken you 13 years….

That’s all for this week’s Social Shoutout, but keep your eyes peeled for more every Friday!