LinkedIn Introduces Reactions and LinkedIn Live

By May 7, 2019 July 18th, 2019 Stories

Reactions and ‘going live’ have been on sites like Facebook for a while now, but do they belong on LinkedIn?

With the newly added features, you’ll be able to live stream to your connections and followers, and let people know how you feel about their post with a like, celebrate, love, insightful or curious option – all crafted with a handy emoji.

It appears that not all accounts have been given the options just yet, but they have officially started to roll these out globally, so your account will gain access in the coming weeks.

As a business-focused platform, LinkedIn doesn’t tend to jump on trends adopted across other social media platforms, but it’s refreshing to see the network responding to what its users want.

Product manager at LinkedIn, Cissy Chen, commented: “We took a thoughtful approach to designing these reactions, centered around understanding which ones would be most valuable to the types of conversations members have on LinkedIn.

This process included looking at what people are already talking about to better understand what feedback they wanted to express and receive — for example, we analyzed the top 1-2 word comments being used and what types of posts people are sharing most.

We also conducted global research with LinkedIn members to get feedback on the specific reactions to ensure they were universally understood and helpful.”

This means that the reaction options selected are carefully done so to align with the reactions to conversations that are already taking place.

From a marketing perspective, going live adds great benefits, providing businesses with the option to deliver information quickly, effectively and visually. It may also be handy for delivering presentations such as seminars and training.

Similarly, reactions have the potential to help align social media strategies and pinpoint the content that followers want to see and in doing so, improving the whole customer experience.

Although it’s important for LinkedIn to continue as an effective platform for business users alike, and not steer too far away from what it was created to do, we feel that the new features can only assist companies with boosting their marketing tactics and social media strategies.

We think it’s great work by LinkedIn but we’d love to hear your thoughts so tweet us @kccomms