LinkedIn: Your Best PR Tool

By July 20, 2017 Stories

A few days ago, there was a flurry of media activity around a football player, Cristian Zaccardo, using an unusual method to find himself a new club… The 35 year old, who won the World Cup with Italy in 2006, has found himself without a club after leaving Vicenza Calcio and has taken to LinkedIn to find his next team!

A rather unorthodox method for a football player but in just 2 days he saw over 1,900 likes and over 270 comments. No news on a new club yet but with that kind of engagement, I’m sure he’ll get a couple of offers.

LinkedIn is used as a platform for professionals to network; from finding a new career opportunity like Zaccardo to asking for supplier recommendations – the ways in which LinkedIn is utilised by business professionals are endless.

But what about businesses?

LinkedIn can often be forgotten by businesses, placing it below other social media platforms such as Twitter, until they need to check up on potential new recruits or seek out a new supplier.

By combining networking, lead generation and content sharing, LinkedIn is now a powerful PR tool that businesses should take advantage of. So, here are my top tips on how you can make LinkedIn your best PR tool:

Bring your Company Page to life

Did you know that only 57% of businesses have a Company Page on LinkedIn? Use your Company Page to tell your company’s story; share content, engage with followers and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Make sure your page becomes a trusted resource for your followers; ensure that content is informative and relevant. The page needs to be well managed – don’t let your activity drop off as your followers will do the same!

Create brand champions

People buy people – this we know for sure. And your employees are the best champions you have. Firstly, ensure all staff are connected to your Company Page, then give them the tools to create professional LinkedIn profiles. This may require investing in some training – and we can help!

Once your employees have the tools they need, they can help to spread the word. This could be by sharing the company articles and news or even by writing and posting content themselves.

Content is KING

Posting regularly on your Company Page is vital, but content must be planned and well thought out as well as reactive – don’t miss out on opportunities to respond to relevant news topics and trends.

Here are a couple of tips when posting your content to ensure you get the best engagement from your updates:

  • Get straight to the point in the headline
  • Always use a call to action in your post
  • Use images and videos to grab your follower’s attention
  • Ask questions to increase engagement

It’s not who you know… it’s who knows you

LinkedIn provides a directory of media contacts, no matter what niche industry you may be in – so use it! Connect with as many journalists from publications relevant to your industry; this is by far one of the easiest ways to expose them to your content.

Or you could make it personal. Research the journalists you want to connect with and see how many are 2nd-degree connections. You could then ask your 1st-degree connection who is connected with the journalist to introduce you. This may get you on their radar a lot quicker than just sending them a connection request.

Eat, sleep, evaluate, repeat

LinkedIn has some fantastic analytical tools so that you can monitor the performance of your page. Take advantage of this to see what works, what kind of content gets the best engagement, what time or day your posts perform the best and so on.

If something isn’t working then change it up! Analytics will give you the insight you need to create an engaging and high performing page.

If you don’t have the time to look after your LinkedIn marketing strategy, then contact us to discover how we could assist!