Meet the Team: Chloe Kerfoot

By August 25, 2020 December 2nd, 2020 Stories

Welcome to our ‘Meet the Team’ feature, where we give you a chance to meet the people behind the business! So now is the time to discover more about our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Chloe Kerfoot…

Name: Chloe Kerfoot

Chloe Kerfoot Headshot

Job title: Digital Marketing Apprentice

What’s your origin story?

As a child I’ve always been very artistic and into drawing, having grown up in a very creative and supportive household. My dad worked in graphic design and my mum created award-winning cakes, so it’s safe to say I’ve inherited their talents.

My parents have been able to give me a childhood they both never had, due to growing up and starting a life for themselves so young. They’ve both worked very hard and earnt the life we have now due to the sacrifices they made to bring me and my younger brother up. We live a comfortable life, but that hasn’t meant I’ve had it easy. I was brought up with the belief to earn my money and gain experience to help my future. I’ve worked from the day I turned 16 and have had many part-time jobs, these have all contributed to who I am today. My subject courses throughout high school and college were based on what I wanted to do as a career and what I best enjoyed. I am now venturing into a career path I wanted when I was 15 and now at 18, I am starting as an apprentice into a life long exciting career!

How long have you been at KC Communications?

I am into my third week now.

What attracted you to this role?

I did my work experience week at KC communications during high school, I instantly knew this was the type of career I would love to have for myself one day. A job I look forward to starting every day and being proud to be part of an amazing growing business with a fabulous team!

Due to COVID-19 my college experience was cut short so I began the search for an apprenticeship early as I wasn’t planning on continuing with formal education as I knew my heart wasn’t in going down the university route. I know I am a working girl and wanted to get stuck in working full time as soon as possible. The opportunity to earn and learn interested me as it was a no brainer to gain a qualification whilst maintaining a steady income to support my goals and career prospects, a current goal of passing my driving test first time and getting my own car!

If you could change one thing about KC Communications, what would it be?

Right now, nothing! With everything going on in the world it seems too good to be true for me earning the position and almost being fate due to the position coming up at the right time.

What important milestones do you have coming up in your life?

An important milestone coming up in my life would be my driving test, due to it being cancelled at the start of coronavirus. I am waiting for this test to be rescheduled and hopefully, I will pass first time as in September I will have been learning for a year. It would be an achievement to say I passed the first time to be able to show to the people who said I won’t do it that I did and also passing my theory first time would compliment it nicely.

If you were handed £1.5 million today, what would you do with it?

I would give it to my parents to pay off their mortgage and buy a second holiday home on the east coast for them to retire into and let them live a comfortable old age. They have both worked so hard for me and my brother, with my mum giving up an accountancy career to be a full-time mum currently working in catering and my dad’s graphic design company closing down officially last year.

What is the strangest talent you have?

It’s a weird, not impressive one but I can make frog noises at the back of my throat, god knows how I discovered that.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I’m doing a job I actually enjoy and want to progress in. Not just to get me through life putting up with the hassle of poor management. The feeling of being successful now and proud I am starting a career for myself finally.

What TV show/movie/song closely represents your life at the moment?

Probably Hannah Montana ‘Gonna get this’, as she worked hard to get what she achieved. Always been a sucker for Hannah Montana as a kid, it’s a bop.

Do you currently have, or did you have, any nicknames?

I’ve had Chlo’. But we’ve got to be super close or else I get really confused if a new person calls me anything but Chloe.

What is your go-to drink when at a pub/bar?

Pink gin and tonic/lemonade im not fussy just as long as its pink!

What personal accomplishment are you secretly really proud of?

Definitely getting this apprenticeship. Leaving college and during coronavirus being able to get this role was such a relief as it meant I could cross off university and leave my part-time job at Subway. It’s allowed me to get a head start into this career instead of having to wait another four years.

What is your proudest moment at KC (so far)?

Growing my knowledge and expanding on what I did from three years ago on my work experience to now as an apprentice with GCSEs and A-levels which have definitely helped aid my learning.

If you could have any company as a client, who would it be?

Apple – I love their products and would love to upgrade my phone and tech and maybe switch up my Michael Kors watch for an Apple watch.

If you could close your eyes and transport yourself anywhere, where would you go?

I would love to go to Greece as I know people who have gone there and it looks amazing!

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