My first week

By January 28, 2019 Stories

After being invited to a lovely meal at Bota-Fogo the week before I started (where I’d been too busy talking away and accidentally ate some beef (RIP Cow)) I had the chance to get to know my new colleagues before I started.

I set off in good time on Monday because it doesn’t take a lot to get me flustered when reverse parallel parking is involved, and once I caught my breath at the top of the KC stairs, I was ready to get to grips with everything.

Moving from an in-house marketing department to an agency environment feels different, but good different. Since graduating in 2017 I’ve spent my time working on various aspects of marketing and loved every minute of it, and I’m excited to put this into practice and develop alongside some very skilled and knowledgeable colleagues!

On my second day, I was welcomed to a meeting with Propel@YH and the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN in Leeds with Anna and Katrina. I’ll be working closely with this particular client alongside our Account Manager, Anna, so it was great to hear about their work as their exciting project fast approaches.

I’ve learnt a couple of new things about myself this week too – after strenuous personality tests (with questions that made me really think about my outlook on life), I now know that I have empathy in my understanding of others, I love a good problem to solve, and I enjoy harmony in my life!

I also spent time with Deborah Ogden on our individual personal branding, which was very interesting and the little time I’ve spent with her so far has been invaluable. I’ve already thought about how I can address the areas that are not yet my strengths.

We rounded off my first week at KC Communications with a fabulous team lunch from Pax Burger. What a lovely team I’ve become a part of.

Over the next few weeks, as my induction programme continues, I’m looking forward to learning more about what makes KC tick, getting to know our clients and, hopefully, being a little more used to those stairs first thing in a morning.