My internship at KC: Lisa Benfield

By October 4, 2018 Stories

You never know what to expect when you first walk into a new business. It is similar to the first day of school. Your stomach is doing flips from the combination of excitement and nerves as you wonder who you will work with. You pack your bag with new pens, lunch and a new notepad, then off you go.

My nerves were soon eradicated when I entered the on-brand KC office to start my internship. I was welcomed immediately, given a chance to familiarise myself with the software KC used, then I hit the ground running. I was ushered into a meeting with yboo on my first day, then I was welcomed into a meeting with the Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival the following Wednesday.

From there it was a whirlwind of experience, training and writing. I was responsible for the Huddersfield Food and Drink festival’s social media platforms, I drafted a blog post and press release announcing the partnership between yboo and KC, amongst various other projects.

In University you learn the fundamentals of Marketing, you have the knowledge there floating in your head, but this Internship has shown me how to put that knowledge into practice. For example, at University you learn how customers engage with brands, at KC you have to engage with customers first-hand through the platforms you were told about.

My time at KC Communications was filled with new learning-curves, training sessions and a few mistakes here and there, but I have developed skills that I will be able to utilise in my next role. I have worked with amazing clients such as Manor House Lindley, yboo, Huddersfield Live, Sheards Wealth, Sheards Accountancy and MET Marketing, and I have assisted with other clients when the need arises. I was given the opportunity to work on so many different tasks during my internship, some of which included:

  • Writing posts for a client’s social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Creating email campaigns for a client
  • Using SurveyMonkey to create surveys
  • Scheduling posts through Hootsuite for multiple clients
  • Creating press releases when necessary
  • Drafting blog posts for clients, as well as KC Communications
  • Distributing press releases to the necessary publications and journalists
  • Creating graphics for the content I have written through Canva
  • Setting up Facebook Ads through Facebook Manager
  • Editing client reports on SEMrush
  • Adding and editing content on clients WordPress sites

I have enjoyed my internship at KC Communications, and I am sad to see it end, but the lessons I have learned are invaluable. I will be able to go onto my next role with more confidence, knowledge and experience all thanks to the people here at KC Communications.