My time at KC Communications by Kirklees College student, Jessica

By January 18, 2018 Stories

I have really enjoyed working for KC Communications this week. I chose this placement as the career I would like to work in in the future is marketing. During my time here it has reinforced my decision that this is definitely the career I’d like to pursue.

On my college course, I cover nine units, three of them are marketing based with my favourite subject being internet marketing. Being on this placement has given me the chance to explore internet marketing further and gain a lot more understanding of it.

I have enjoyed all the tasks I have taken on this week as they have been very different to anything I do at college and they have given me hands-on experience from what to expect from the marketing industry. All the tasks have been beneficial to me as I’ve learnt new skills that I didn’t have before or they’ve improved the skills I had before.

The tasks I’ve taken on this week have been:

  • Research for clients. This included creating a calendar for awareness days and creating a calendar for networking events taking place.
  • Research into social media and writing up a Social Shoutout for KC’s website.
  • I have also made a draft of posts for a client’s social media accounts.

The things I have learnt on this placement I won’t ever experience or learn at college, I have been able to get a feel of what it’s like to work in the marketing industry and I understand what they do a bit more than I did before.

All the staff here are very welcoming people and make you feel very comfortable. Not only are they nice people but they are also very talented and have a lot of skills to do the jobs each and everyone one of them does.