My week at KC Communications – Max Thomasson – Greenhead College student

By June 21, 2019 July 9th, 2019 Stories

I am currently a student at Greenhead College studying and Art and Design, Economics and Modern History. My college offered a really extensive work placement programme and that was how I was able to secure a week working at KC Communications, which combined some elements of Economics as well as Design.

As University applications loomed on the horizon, the placement was a fantastic opportunity to not only to get an insight into the world of marketing but also to gain very valuable first-hand experience about employment.

I thought the opportunity to help in the work of the KC team was incredibly useful. From researching and writing social media focused blogs to collecting information on affiliates, sponsors and participants of the company’s clients events. One of the most important things I did while at KC was joining a strategy meeting. In it I could see how all the type of work I had been doing is combined together to create detailed plans to encourage companies growth through marketing.

There was a great working environment at KC with fantastic equipment and lovely office, which made sure I was comfortable and able to work as well as possible. This in combination with the friendly and helpful KC team was all incredibly different to my previous job which was pretty gruelling physical labour in warehouses.

The office very busy and has a lot of clients but still managed to give me a really great overview of the work of marketing consultancy that I feel was very valuable.

Thank you to everyone at KC Communications for making my stay very interesting but also enjoyable. The experience has really helped me get an insight into marketing and it is a career I definitely want to research more in upcoming university open days.