My week at KC Communications – Mia Hemingway – Brighouse Sixth Form student

By July 15, 2019 Stories

I am currently finishing my first year at Brighouse Sixth Form College and the following subjects I take are OCR Business, Media studies and Criminology which I enjoy very much. I am praying and hoping to go to University next year to study Marketing which is why KC Communications was an amazing placement for me.

When it came to choosing a work experience placement I had no idea where to start, at first, I was going to a primary school – yes I know – my worst nightmare. When in my heart I knew I wanted to go into marketing which is why KC Communications was a great opportunity for me to gain experience in that sector and really understand what goes on behind the marketing side of a business and let me tell you it’s not easy.

Now, I’m going to be honest college hours (having lovely lie-ins and only going into college for 2 hours a day) has made me very lazy so getting up early in the morning was a task but I was very excited to start my week placement at KC Communications and meeting everyone.

I felt so welcome the first day I arrived and all the talented ladies made me feel so welcome during my time here. Shout out to Katrina, Heidi, Anna, Laura and Kirstie!

On my first day at KC Communications, all the girls got me stuck in straight away. The first task I completed was scheduling a client’s social media posts which I did through software called Hootsuite – Heidi walked me through the whole process and believe it or not I didn’t actually realise how fun and relaxing it was to schedule social media posts. Following this Heidi showed me how to use their media platform to send a press release which was very interesting to watch/take part in. I also used their media database as a research tool throughout my time at KC Communications.

My second day was a research day for me. First of all, I researched all about World Emoji Day which I didn’t know was such a big thing that people celebrate religiously, weird but interesting. I then proposed two ideas that KC Communications could do to celebrate World Emoji Day. This really tested my creative skills – but I have always thought I’ve had a creative forefront to my thinking – not to blow my own trumpet or anything. I then helped Anna by filling out a prospecting spreadsheet which I had to complete lots of research for, and I did the same for Kirstie as well!

In my final three days at KC, I did more and more blog writing which funnily enough I really enjoyed, who knew my blog writing skills were still up to scratch since high school. I helped in self-publishing press releases with Heidi. The last thing I did was sit down with Kirstie for an end of week mentoring session where I spoke about my experience and what I have enjoyed. My final day came around so fast and to be really honest I didn’t want my time here to end!

The amount of things I have learnt is unthinkable, who knew working in a marketing agency would be so fun. Plus the chocolate selection, gossip and a very…. mixed music playlist so to speak.

Overall my week at KC Communications has been an experience I won’t forget. I have gained immense experience in just a week which says a lot. I am now very clear on what I want to do when I leave college which is Marketing, with the help from all the ladies they have put so much confidence into my decision. I really hope to see them all again in the future and I am so thankful for the opportunity working at KC Communications and thankful for being welcomed as a part of their team!