National Day of Encouragement 2020

By September 11, 2020 October 23rd, 2020 Stories

At KC Communications, we focus on encouraging each other on more than just one singular day. We engage in many group sessions such as Coaching Circles, Wellbeing Wednesdays, Book Club and half-day training sessions to learn and develop, all of which encourages us to advance our skills and bond as a team. However, to mark the National Day of Encouragement 2020, here are some top tips on how you can encourage people around you and spread positivity!


  • Actively compliment a co-worker – It can be easy to take work done well for granted within the workplace, often letting busy schedules and commitments overlook the need to give praise. Take 5 minutes out of your day to let a colleague know they’ve done a good job on a particular task, they will definitely appreciate it! With almost half of employees stating they’d leave the workplace if not given enough praise, this highlights the importance of giving praise all year round!


  • Recognise that everyone is different – Not everyone likes to be rewarded in the same way and this is an important point to note when it comes to encouragement. Where one person may be encouraged greatly by receiving words of praise, another person may be more encouraged by tangible rewards such as a gift card. Whilst it’s not always possible to reward people with physical gifts, it’s worth ensuring you know what makes each person tick, particularly in a workplace! At KC, we offer all forms of rewards including an occasional ‘Prosecco Friday’, awarding a free half-day holiday to enjoy the weather and many more!


  • Offer a clear path for career progression and development – By showing commitment to your team and mapping out their progression and development paths, this encourages productivity, drive and ambition. Creating objectives for team members to showcase their skills and how they can get to the next level is a great way of encouragement of their own self-belief.


  • Pick up the phone – The power of a telephone call or even a text message can change the mood of someone’s day completely! Deliver an encouraging message to someone to enhance their mood, push someone forward on their goal or thank them for a usually thankless task and not only will they feel good about themselves, but you’ll feel good for giving a mood boost too.


  • Practise some self-care – By taking care of yourself and taking some time out to practise self-care, this can encourage positive behaviours and feelings within yourself. Whilst National Day of Encouragement could be perceived as solely being about encouraging people around you, it’s also important to encourage yourself! This could be in the form of encouraging a better work/life balance by being mindful of self-care, encouraging progress on a personal goal by creating an action plan on how to get there or encouraging anything you would like to! 


We’d love to hear your thoughts on our tips on encouragement, as well as hearing some of the ways you encourage your workforce, yourself and the people around you.