Our tips for a perfect client relationship

By March 19, 2021 Stories

Did you know, today is Client’s Day? The awareness day was created to allow businesses to say thanks to the clients that have chosen their company to help them reach their goals. Here at KC Communications, we are so lucky to have a roster of brilliant clients across a range of industries, from travel and property to bollards, that we genuinely love working on and helping them gain the results they need to help their organisation grow. 

To celebrate Client’s Day, we have rounded up our client services’ teams top tips on how to nurture a great working relationship between an agency and its clients:

Katrina Cliffe

“Communication is crucial – from both sides. We use a range of tools from email, messaging apps and Monday.com to ensure regular lines of communication and so that everyone has visibility of actions that are in progress and what is coming up. That being said, verbal catch-ups, whether on the phone, video chat and when possible face-to-face is where the magic happens so it’s vital to make time for these as often as possible”. – Katrina, Managing Director


Ellis Noble - Account Director at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield“Be indispensable. Our ethos at KC Communications is that we are an extension of a client’s business, not a separate agency. This means fully integrating ourselves in the business from the start of the retainer, understanding the nitty-gritty details of the business as much as an internal marketing team would. This not only allows us to fully understand the long term business objectives, but to give our clients the trust and confidence that our strategies will help them reach their goals. Spending time getting to know your clients and what makes them tick, and ensuring they feel like you are as fully invested in their business as their other employees is the key to a perfect agency relationship”. – Ellis, Account Director

Frankie Lyons - Senior Digital PR Manager at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield

“Communication: It’s important when you begin working with a client to establish clear lines of communication. Be clear on how things will be communicated and how often, preferred document formats and book recurring catch-ups in the calendar. It’s essential to not just be reactive to clients needs or demands but to set boundaries and expectations when it comes to response times. It’s important to ensure that all communication is productive and valuable to both sides of the relationship”. – Frankie, Senior Digital PR Manager


Kayleigh Morgan - Junior Account Manager at KC Communications Marketing, PR & Social Media Agency Huddersfield“Be reactive. We must learn as much as we can and stay informed about everything happening in our client’s industry and business. You want to be that person that your client knows they can come to whenever they have a problem or question something happening in their industry. Sharing your knowledge, understanding and suggesting solutions before they come to you will help build a strong relationship with your clients and ensure trust and credibility. You want to be the person your client comes to first when they have a problem or even better, beat them to it and show that support before they even know they need it”. – Kayleigh, Junior Account Manager


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