About ConnectChina Ltd

ConnectChina is the largest China business support consultancy in the North of England. Established in 2004, it provides a range of services that assists companies and other organisations to develop business with China, from sourcing, selling, investing or even starting up.

ConnectChina has offices in West Yorkshire and in Shanghai and has a network of partners across China.

KC Communications has worked with ConnectChina on several projects and contracts.

The Brief: Anhui Contract

The regional government of Anhui Province, China, commissioned ConnectChina to organise, implement and raise of the profile of two events that would be hosted in the UK to promote tourism to Anhui Province. The events, the first hosted at the University of Oxford and the second at the Casa Hotel in Derbyshire, included presentations from top government officials and tourism companies from Anhui.

ConnectChina had worked with KC Communications on other non-related projects and again utilised the PR skills of the KC Comms team to help promote the event. The aim was to raise attendance levels through driving traffic to register for the events on Eventbrite. KC Communications were also commissioned to run a social media campaign pre-event and to live cover both events to raise the profile of Anhui Province as a tourism destination to the UK market. ConnectChina also required that a professional video be created in order to be shown in China to demonstrate the success of the delegation’s visit


To begin with, the KC Comms team carried out initial research on relevant local publications in the Oxfordshire and Derbyshire area, as well as local travel agents and other key organisations to ensure as much coverage as possible. The team then distributed the pre-event press release and the post-event press release to these publications.

To generate interest on social media, the KC Comms strategy consisted of research into relevant accounts to tag that would be interested in attending the event. Carried out mainly through Twitter and also via some LinkedIn activity, a pre-event schedule was implemented to ensure as many impressions and engagements as possible. During the event, a team member live-tweeted, tagging relevant speakers and visitors as necessary to again drive as much visibility as possible.

KC Communications also organised and liaised with a videography company, including the creation of the video briefs and ensuring that the correct footage of the right moments and people were captured on the day. KC Communications then managed the post-production amendments on behalf of ConnectChina, resulting in beautifully produced videos that achieved the aim of the brief.


The KC Communications team gained fantastic results for the PR campaign, achieving 15 pieces placed in targeted publications over a two week period.

The social media reporting post-event showed a 1031% increase in impressions and a 935% increase in engagement across the two weeks that the KC Comms team had access to the ConnectChina social media channels.

Most importantly, the objective of the campaign was achieved in that the combined efforts of the PR and social media marketing strategy resulted in filling all places across both events with relevant organisations and individuals.