Research reveals the average deposit for an international holiday is seven times more than a staycation.

By February 12, 2021 March 3rd, 2021 Client News
  • share financial insights into why Brits should choose to staycation this year.
  • Staycations are over £900 cheaper than the average international holiday when taking COVID-19 tests and cost of living into consideration.
  • The average international holiday deposit is £368, more than double the staycation cost.

Although many of us stayed indoors this year, UK residents still managed to spend £402 million on 939,000 visits abroad between April to June 2020.

Whilst many feel they need a relaxing getaway more than ever this year, balancing the uncertainty of the current COVID levels with the promising rollout of vaccines in the coming months, should we be planning to travel abroad?

Experts from online static caravan hire booking platform,, delved into the current situation to determine why Brits should choose staycations this year over international holidays.

International vs StaycationThe holiday booking platform found that when booking a one week self-catering holiday to Turkey for a family of four; a standard deposit would be three-quarters of the total booking payment at a total of £790. 

In comparison with UK caravan holidays which famously require a much smaller deposit, as a family of four, you can bag a seven-day self-catering holiday via online booking platform, with a deposit of just £50.


You can save over £900 by booking a holiday ‘at home’ this year.

As we head into 2021, staycations look to be the safest and most popular choice for many families, thanks to Brexit – and Coronavirus’s impact. With this in mind, looked at the most viewed locations on their booking platform to predict the most popular UK holiday destinations for the year ahead. 

As of January 2021, Cornwall, North Wales, Yorkshire, East of England and Scotland were hot picks and therefore high contenders compared to holidays abroad. 

But how much would such a staycation set you back? Looking at popular caravan holidays on the website, the average cost for a holiday in the UK was just £735 with a low deposit from only £50.

In comparison, international holidays were considerably more expensive than a staycation. In fact, the average international holiday cost for a family of four was around £920, that’s £185 more expensive than the average staycation.  

Destination Booking Price (avg.) Deposit (avg.) Destination Booking Price (avg.) Deposit (avg.)
Turkey 1031.8 790.6 Cornwall 741 50
Greece 1152.8 367 North Wales 621 50
Italy 651 267.2 Yorkshire 733 50
Portugal 1039.4 236 East of England 852 50
Spain 723.2 180 Scotland 730 50
Total £919.64 £368.16 Total £735.40 £50.00


When booking a self-catering holiday, you must also take into consideration the cost of living. When comparing international holiday destinations cost of living with the UK, you are likely to spend slightly less money on food abroad than you would at home.

Although the cost of living is slightly higher in the UK, booking a staycation will still cost substantially less for families of four compared to a holiday abroad. When you look at the travel requirements (and the costs associated with these) and a whole range of additional insurances needed to travel overseas comfortably, the holidays’ price increases dramatically. 

Due to the recent pandemic, international travel now requires a negative PCR, TNA or LAMP test taken within no more than 72 hours before arrival. Some countries have even further entry requirements!

The government has made it clear that the free NHS testing service cannot be used for non-essential international travel, so you will need to purchase your own. When comparing online services, we found that a home-testing pack came at the cost of an average price of £130.00*.


In addition to saving financially, staycations can also help you save valuable time. 

Looking at flights, it’s easy to think that destinations like Italy, Portugal and Spain are just two or three hours away. However, when you factor in the time it takes to get to the airport two hours before departure, your transfers from the airport abroad – and all the waiting time in between – it pretty much takes a whole day. 

Booking a staycation over a holiday abroad allows you to have more time to relax with less stress at a lower price.

Managing Director, Gareth Irving commented: “The last year has certainly impacted Brits travel plans; however, it has allowed us to see the beauty of our own country. The UK has so much to offer and with the recent travel ban post-Brexit, and dramatic differences in holiday prices, we can certainly deduce that Brits will be better off steering clear of international holidays this summer. Instead, choosing our towns and cities to holiday in 2021, as well as heading to more rural areas such as Cornwall, North Wales and Yorkshire.”

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