Secret Santa 2020 Style

By December 11, 2020 December 15th, 2020 Stories

Secret Santa is a great way of giving gifts that remains both affordable and fair – making it popular within large family settings or offices! It is tricky to say where Secret Santa originally came from, with many relating it to the acts of American philanthropist Larry Dean Stewart – an individual who went about his life completing random acts of kindness to strangers! This then became a trend, and Secret Santa was born! Budgets usually range between £5 – £20 per person and it ensures that every person receives a gift. However, recent research has shown that 35% of people feel anxious or stressed when faced with buying a Secret Santa gift, and almost a third 29% admit to re-gifting presents they had received in the past that they did not want!

With Christmas 2020 being very different to years gone by, the office tradition of Secret Santa may not be the same as previous years. At KC, we have been able to keep up with the tradition this year using a virtual platform Draw Names, where you can send your team the draw via email or WhatsApp. This meant that while we are all working from home we could start thinking about what to buy!

However Secret Santa is a gamble and not everyone is such a fan of Secret Santa, particularly when certain gifts are received. In a recent poll identifying what is the worst category of gift to receive, 47.5% of respondents say that adult-themed gifts are the least desirable. One respondent replied stating a former colleague of hers received a whip for her gift, despite not having any hobbies or interest to allude to the giving of this gift, which we would agree is fairly strange! Closely following the lack of enthusiasm to receive adult-themed gifts were personal care gifts (lay off the Lynx sets) and novelty gifts – apparently, a mug with ‘I love spreadsheets’ on is not a hit! 

We would love to see how you are conducting Secret Santa this year or if you’ve done something alternatively, what was it? If you have any nightmare gifts or examples of the best gifts ever, we would love to hear about them! Get in touch at @KCComms on Twitter!