Share Your Music Story on Facebook

By November 7, 2015 July 14th, 2016 Stories

The updates keep on coming, and they haven’t stopped yet. This week we have seen Twitter change their favouriting from stars to hearts, Starbucks launched their #RedCups campaign to celebrate the iconic red Christmas cup and finally Facebook have been experimenting with their new ‘birthday videos’.

Music Stories‘ which was launched by Facebook yesterday, with the aim of making sharing music easier. If you use Apple or Spotify for your music you’re in luck, as you will now be able to post a 30 second video of your favourite song. Followers will then be able to buy or save the music that has been shared on your profile. We’re sure bands (providing they are getting a decent cut of the revenue) will welcome this implementation.

This seems to be one of the first changes on the social media platform that may well replicate through other social media channels. Will this mean Twitter will soon be jumping on the bandwagon to do the same?