The Social Shoutout! Chatbots, Instagram updates and more!

By December 8, 2017 Stories

Curious as to what’s new on your social media this week? We’ve got all the details… From how to make a chat bot to Snapchats new stance on advertising.

Get ahead in 2018 with a chat bot

Tired of having to repeat yourself online when people ask the same question over and over? Get yourself a chat bot for Facebook.

If you are a business that struggles to keep up with or just doesn’t have time to answer your clients’ questions, then you should get a chat bot.

Websites like Flow XO offer a free service, and it’s probably best to take advantage of these before 2018 starts so you can get ahead of the game – they’re going to be the next big thing for businesses! These websites allow you to customise your own messages to reply to keywords or phrases that are often asked by customers.

What’s more, Social Media Today analysed top marketing trends of 2017 and chat bots came in second, just below AI!

Keep your Instagram story forever

You no longer need to worry about losing that great Instagram story you posted. They have introduced two new tool which will allow you to “hold on to your favourite moments from Instagram Stories and share them in ways that help you express yourself.”

Stories Archive is a feature that automatically saves your stories to an archive once they expire. So, if you’ve had a great night out and wake up in the morning, there’s no need to worry about whether you saved that memory! Just tap the Archive icon and switch between your new and expired stories easily.

Stories Highlights on the other hand can be accessed in a new section below your bio. It is a great way to compile some of your favourite archived stories that you feel describe you best. Once you’ve chosen your stand out stories, give the Stories Highlight a cover and you’re done! They will now appear in your profile – all your followers will need to do is click to watch it.

Snapchat is separating social from the media

Snapchat has introduced a redesign, which segregates your friends’ content from that of advertisers. This is great for the user but what will it mean for brands and creators?

Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, has decided to draw a clear line between friends and brands in an attempt to avoid Facebook- and Twitter-like fake news. However, it could end up being one less platform for advertisers. At a cost of £186,000 for a spot on the discovery page it seems like a large risk to take.

By Billy Clayton