The Social Shoutout! New Facebook AI, Twitter promote and more…

By December 1, 2017 Stories

Curious as to what’s new on your social media this week? We’ve got all the details. From Social media predictions of 2018 to Facebook’s new AI and the new Instagram features.

Twitter Promote is up and running

If you’ve been trying to reach your target audience using Twitter and its 330 million active users, then look no further.

Considering how difficult it can be to gain followers when you first start as a company, a new automated advertising solution has been developed, suitable for those trying to put a foothold on the social media platform.

Arguably the best part of this new “always on service” is the ability to access data for your tweets as well as reach, and profile visits. To learn more about Twitter Promote have a read of our blog here:

Facebooks AI tool to help vulnerable people

We all remember from last week’s Social Shoutout that Facebook has been testing a new AI feature which will allow profile pictures to “respond” to likes and comments.

They’ve only gone and raised the bar, again. They are rolling out another artificial intelligence feature that will identify posts, videos, and streams posted by users that contain suicidal thoughts or imagery.

If their team reviews a post and thinks that an immediate intervention is needed, they will work with first responders to contact those users and offer them help through the messenger app.

Through tests they’ve run and revealed the results for, in the last month alone the company has responded to over 100 people based on posts the AI has detected.

Instagram outdoes Snapchat

Instagram currently has more than 800 million active users – that’s four times that of Snapchat. With that in mind, they need to provide great updates for their audience.

For those who use Snapchat, the most frustrating thing has got to be when your friend replies to your Snapchat so late you’ve already forgotten what you’ve sent! It seems Instagram has noticed this apparent flaw and taken advantage of the space in the market by finally rolling out remix and replay controls.

Both your friends and yourself can now capture each other’s reply and have it in the same photo as the one you take. The days of forgetting what was said are officially over!

If this wasn’t enough, the platform is throwing even more features at us: you can now choose the “one view” option for messages you only want your friends to see once. Looks like Snapchat really does have some competition…

Social media predictions for 2018

The biggest names in digital marketing and PR were asked their thoughts on what was next for social media. These are their top five predictions of social media in 2018 that every digital marketer should be aware of when planning your strategy:

  • Shoppable media: the rise of rich media formats enables more immersive shopping experiences across earned, owned and paid media channels.
  • Voice search: when creating content, make sure to optimize it for voice led search engines such as Alexa and Siri.
  • Chatbots: direct interaction with automated bots helps brands build a more tailored experience for customers.
  • Video: video is expected to account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 2021.
  • Advocacy Marketing: driving word of mouth at scale by activating people such as employees and customers.

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By Billy Clayton