Social Shoutout: Snowmageddon hits the UK, Fake Followers Cull & more

By March 2, 2018 Stories

Well it’s been rather a chaotic week for the UK in particular.

First of all there’s been news that Twitter and Instagram have been undertaking a fake follower cull, influencers have been going crazy for a new social media platform and of course there’s been snow chaos across the UK.

Fighting Fakes

It’s been going on for a while and one thing we hate is when potential clients come to us with a requirement to achieve followers of X amount. For us, it’s all about relevance and ethics when it comes to marketing activity, however it was quite a surprise to see that Twitter recently undertook a purge of fake accounts, especially when it relies on growth of the platform to keep its share prices high.

However, many users took to Twitter to complain about the #TwitterLockOut having lost scores of followers overnight. Whereas, it has also been seen on Instagram that a number of the top UK Female Fitness influencers lost a large amount of followers

With most influencers using follower numbers to set their pricing demands, perhaps those who actively take a role in eliminating fake followers and demonstrating a more engaged follower audience will start to come to the forefront.

If you’re concerned about fake followers on your own profile, or that or organisations and influencers you work with then there are some great tools out there such as Twitter Audit, which reported KC Communications as having 99% real followers!


Over the past week you may have seen some of your favourite social media icons announcing that they are now using Vero. The platform which was initially launched back in 2015 has been making a real push over the past few months announcing that it is taking on the social media giants to deliver a platform which focuses directly on the user.

One of the unique features of the platform is the ability to break down your connections into real life situations e.g. friends, close friends, family and acquaintances allowing the users to take control of who sees their content – a feature which Vero says will mirror offline relationships.

While the platform isn’t aimed at brands and organisations, they did announce a partnership with GQ back in October 2017 which will see specially commissioned GQ editorial regularly feature on the Vero platform.

At this stage the platform if free or charge, but a pricing subscription is mooted so it will be interesting to see if users are willing to pay a premium for a social networking tool.

We’ll be investigating the platform further and sharing more news in the coming weeks.

And finally… Snowmageddon

If you live in the UK, then chances are you haven’t escaped the daily bombardment from the media and your friends social media updates about the “Beast from the East”.

While the initial dumping of snow might have been more like the frosting of a Victoria Sponge cake there is no disputing that as the week has gone on we have seen some record snow levels and some shareable social media posts to (snow)boot!

Here’s some of our favourites… tweet us yours @kccomms

Paddy Power was quick to jump on the #Snowmegaddon bandwagon, with some really helpful tips on how to get a snow day at work. We definitely didn’t follow these tips in the KC office… honest!

Next up was our beloved Yorkshire Tea, who was stopping at nothing to go out and get milk for a hot cup of our region’s favourite!

Costa Coffee wasn’t going to miss out on the action! Using Twitter polls to find out which of their tasty drinks were the favourite on a cold, snowy day. It’s got to be hot chocolate… surely!

With a couple of horse lovers in the office, we couldn’t leave out Naylors Equestrian! Feeding the horses in that kind of snow is NEVER a fun job.