Social Shoutout: Parent Advice on Facebook, the new-look Snapchat & more!

By February 9, 2018 Stories

The weekend has arrived and Friday can only mean one thing – our weekly Social Shoutout has landed!

We’ve seen a number of updates across various social channels this week, including the new-look Snapchat which has caused outrage among users. Social platforms have announced their Q4 reports, with Twitter reporting static user growth and Facebook and Snapchat reporting better than expected profit growth.

So take five, grab a brew and have a read of our top stories of the week from the world of social media.

Facebook adds Parent Conversations section to Parent Portal to keep kids safe on social

Is social media good or bad for society and should we be encouraging our kids to use social media? It’s these types of questions that are becoming more and more prevalent in debates around our online activity.

Facebook has come under fire about younger users following the launch of its ‘Messenger for Kids’ app. But this week, Facebook has changed its focus to educating parents of the risks of social media for their kids, publishing a new set of tips which give parents tips and advice on how to keep their kids safe online.

The new section, Parent Conversations, which has been added to their Parent Portal, provides parents with the latest information on all topics related to children and technology. Check out the new ‘Parent Conversations’ section of the Parents Portal here.

The Snapchat update that's causing outrage!

When an app rolls out a new update that changes the entire app design… you should expect a huge backlash. And that’s exactly what’s happened in the case of Snapchat! The new update will see significant changes to the app which have left some users confused, and very frustrated.

While to some this may seem like a bit of an overreaction, it hasn’t gone down well with those that use Snapchat regularly.

So, to help you get your head around the new update when it comes to you, we’ve put together a list of the most significant changes to the app:

  1. The Friends Page – This now contains all of your friend’s Snaps, as well as their Stories, messages and group chats
  2. How to find your friends – Stories will no longer be displayed in time order, they will now be ranked based on who you keep in contact with the most. But don’t panic – there’s a handy search bar at the top to find friends you might not have Snapped in a while
  3. The Send To Page – When you take a Snap, you’ll find a new version of the Send To page which will display your most recent friends first and then options to add to the Snap to your Story, Our Story or Group Stories will display at the top
  4. Main Screen – The main screen also has a fresh new look giving you the ability to post to your Stories from this page, as well as view and delete Snaps from your Story.
  5. The Discover Page – This could be the cause of all confusion… users now have to swipe left to get to the Discover page… instead of right. Yep, the other way! How dare they? From the Discover page, you can access Shows, content from publishers, Snap Map and Our Stories.
Social Media Algorithm Updates - What does that mean for businesses?

Businesses have been using social media as part of their overall marketing strategies for nearly a decade. From both a B2B and B2C perspective, social media provides the ability to share content, engage with your target audience and build a following of current and potential customers.

But social networks have begun tweaking their algorithms which may have a negative impact on businesses. Over the past few years, social networks have been seeing a drop in on-site engagement – the basically means that users are clicking on links within posts instead of engaging with the post directly.

The changes to algorithms will negatively impact posts with external links, reducing the visibility and searchability of those posts. But don’t worry – all is not lost! This is a great opportunity to review your social strategy and ensure you have a good mix of on-site and off-site content.

If you would like support with your social media strategy, get in touch today.