Social Shoutout: A round-up of Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram news this week and a tribute to Stephen Hawking

By March 16, 2018 Stories

We’ve had another really busy week here and it has flown by which means it’s that time of the week again – time for our weekly Social Shoutout!

This week we’re looking at Snapchat’s new tagging feature, Instagram false rumours about the news feed and Twitter’s real news about news feed! Get a cuppa, keep warm and read on…

Snapchats @- tagging feature is in test mode

Snapchat are trialling a new tagging feature to help users build up their following. Anyone that views a story will see a ‘more’ option at the bottom and this means they are able to swipe up and see the tagged account handle. An ‘add’ button will be there enabling you to follow the account.

This latest feature would make it a lot easier for accounts to give other accounts “shoutouts”. Getting shared by someone else can mean you get added by a lot of their audience so this is a great way to get more views on your story and building up your followers.

The Instagram rumours are fake!

The Instagram community is getting excited about the possibility of the news feed going back to chronological order. A user posted a video scrolling through a chronological ordered new feed but, Instagram confirmed that the current presentation is here to stay. An Instagram representative also confirmed that feature isn’t even being tested!

Instagram’s algorithms use several factors to determine which posts shows up first, including the engagement or the number of likes and comments that the post received. However, timeliness is also included in the factors, the time the post was shared is still a factor in how the posts are displayed.

Twitter's fight against bots

Twitter are looking for ways to improve their verification process in order to fight with the bots that are common on the platform. Verification was a way to prove big users were not fake accounts and were the real person. However, it allowed every user the ability to apply for verification by submitting information about themselves. This was quickly suspended in November 2017.

The new verification program needs to find a balance between fixing safety issues and abuse concerns, but not censoring certain types of political views. The new process should help improve communication and clear up confusion over who gets verified and who doesn’t.

Twitter working on a way to show more breaking news Tweets!

It was announced this week that Twitter are creating new algorithmically curated timeline’s that will promote news tweets to the top of user’s feeds. Twitter Product VP says that “People come to twitter to see and talk about what is happening. We’re working on ways to make life easier for everyone to find relevant news and the surrounding conversation so they can stay informed about what matters to them.’’

If the test is done right, the news timelines should replicate one that people regard as one of Twitter’s best parts, and create shared experiences around news events to allow them to follow along together and watch the news unfold in real time. This news comes as Facebook is pulling back on this… Watch this space!

Stephen Hawking sadly passes away - tributes rolled in across social media

To end the week on a sad but inspirational note… This week theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking sadly passed away. A man who has been hailed as an inspiration to millions received thousands of tributes from all over the world honouring him and his work.  Famous for his theories on black holes he has also been described as to have left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. Thousands of tweets have been posted in memory of this great scientist including from NASA and many other celebrities.

Stephen Hawking Tribute