Social Shoutout: Instagram, Snapchat and a Royal job on LinkedIn.

By January 26, 2018 Stories

So, the first month of the year is nearly out of the way but like always social media is still updating and shows no sign of slowing down. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and updates from the leading social media sites then look no further, keep reading to find out more…


When Snapchat was first released there was a lot of controversy about how safe the app was, but the founders of the app found a way around this by heightening the privacy settings to ensure that their users were able to post what they wanted, were sure of exactly who could see their post, and if they didn’t want someone to view this then they would simply remove them from being able to see.

Unfortunately for the app, they lost a lot of their revenue due to other forms of social media, so they had to find ways to be able to keep themselves ahead of the game to ensure that they would be able to keep their profits there. This is where the latest snapchat uproar has come from, as the founders have decided to add a new feature within their app regarding the way that the stories are posted within the website. It has been found that with the latest update, when a user goes to post a story onto their feed, that story is able to be uploaded onto another server “”.  Here people who don’t use the app are able to view all the different stories.  This feature has only been pushed out to those users who have the newest and most recent Snapchat update, which means not everyone has access to be able to use this new feature within the app.

Snap Inc had to up their game after their forecast figures showed that Instagram and WhatsApp had trumped their daily forecasts in November by over double what Snapchat had.  Their new update should be available for all users within the first part of this year but an official release date is yet to be announced.




No longer do you have to just rely on Twitter for all of your GIF needs within your photos!

Instagram has now introduced GIF stickers to all of their photos and videos so that their users are able to add them to the stories that they update on a daily basis.

This comes after Instagram took the idea of being able to add Stories to their profiles in which they were able to get from their rivals Snapchat. This has benefited Instagram’s overall revenue and forecast figures. On adding this feature, Instagram said:  “You need to be able to adjust your branding so that it will be able to appeal and bring in the generations you are aiming for”. Instagram currently has 4.2 million users within the 12 to 17 years demographic, whereas Snapchat has nearly four times that amount, which has prompted Instagram’s actions.




Ever wished of being able to meet the Royal Family?

Well your hopes could be met now, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking to hire someone to work with them!  The royal couple sent the advertisement out for a new communications assistant on LinkedIn, whose responsibilities will include supporting the couple with their press releases, media, all their social media updates and also working on the feature articles within the Royal family. If living within the walls of Buckingham Palace wasn’t the highlight of the job, there’s the added bonus of being able to travel overseas whenever the Royals are on their tours!

You won’t be alone to deal with all the Royal duties as you will be working alongside a senior associate. So get your applications in quick!