Social Shoutout: Siri’s future features, Apple’s home assistant and more!

By January 19, 2018 Stories

It’s only the start of 2018 and Facebook have already upset their investors causing them to trade their shares. Siri has a new feature for when you’re too busy to pick your phone up and Apple have a new product that could change your home. All of this PLUS, changes are going to be made to the messenger app! There’s a lot going on this week, so take a minute and have a read:

Facebook is changing its algorithm for News Feeds

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has made an announcement that Facebook will change the content that users will see on their News Feeds. Users will now see more personal content from family and friends rather than news and businesses posts.

However, this has caused an uproar with Facebook’s investors and this has resulted in shares dropping by 5%! The update means that users will see less posts from brands, publishers and businesses. This means businesses and publishers will not be seen as much and their chance of free advertising will almost be pointless.

Another feature Facebook has released is a snooze button, which allows the user to hide people and pages they no longer want to see. Facebook will then remove them from their feed for 30 days. If your business is unlucky enough to get snoozed then you will see drops in any post engagement.

If you’re a business that uses Facebook as your main way of marketing it’s worth exploring your options and looking at other social media platforms to promote your business. It will also be vital to think about what your posting to make sure it’s not repetitive and engages with your users or you might just get snoozed!

Messenger app for Facebook is too cluttered

The woes continue for Facebook with David Marcus, the Facebook Vice President of Messenger admitting in an interview that the app has become too cluttered and they have brought too many new features in to the app.

Some of the features have been useful for users and some not so much. Due to the app being so cluttered they will be simplifying it throughout the year. They have not mentioned what will be getting removed as of yet.

They did make a ‘lite’ version for android that was simplified and only had the basic messenger features. However, they didn’t create one for Apple users so they’ll have to wait for Messenger to simplify the content.

Siri Podcast news feature

There’s a new feature coming to iPhone but only with the latest update. The feature means users will be able to get news updates through the Podcasts app when asking Siri for the latest news.

The new feature will run on iOS 11.2, 11.2.2 and 11.2.5. When you ask Siri the news, he will provide the Podcast news from your country. You can switch the Podcast to your preferred choice and it will ask you which one you’d like to listen to.

When you ask the news through “Hey Siri: that’s when the feature will be activated, its designed to work through their upcoming HomePod speaker. It’s in place for when users are not looking at their phone screens. You can still see the on-screen version of the news when you activate Siri with the home button.

The feature is not yet out in the UK but it will soon be launching.

Apple’s HomePod

Along with Google and Amazon, Apple are bringing out a speaker which you can communicate with. HomePod will be a Siri based speaker and its aim is to reinvent the way music is enjoyed in your home.

According to Apple this speaker does something no other company has managed to do, they have combined a smart speaker with incredible sound. Apple have focused mostly of the quality of its sound.

The speaker is under 7 inches tall and features a 7-tweeter ray which each tweeter having its own driver, it also has an Apple designed 4-inch upwards facing woofer, this is to ensure the sound is crisp and clear even when played at loud volumes.

Apple have said the thing that makes the speaker the best is a musicologist and they have updated Siri with a greater understanding of music related data allowing him to answer all your music related questions.

Siri isn’t just limited to music, he is a home assistant and can answer any questions from other topics. He can send your messages, offer weather and sports updates, make calendar appointments, unit conversion, reminders, podcasts, alarms and timers, translation, stocks, general knowledge and traffic.

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Written by Jessica Whitten, Kirklees College placement student.